Saturday, September 25, 2010

I finally have some REGULARITY!!

So, I've recently (ok so not so recently...over the last 2 years) but, even more over the last 6 months I've fallen completly in love with the teachings and writings of Charlotte Mason. She was a master, at figuring out how to make family life and life long learning go from good to GREAT!! Anyway, last night I was listening to a DVD that was discussing some of her writings about habits. It was FANTASTIC...BTW!!! I could go on and on about what I learned...but I won't take time to do that right now. :) However, I did have to clap my hands at one small success I have recently formed in regards to habits. I've developed the habit of 'REGULARITY' as Charlotte calls it.

I'm sure you are either laughing a bit right now...or totally confused. No, I'm not talking about what you're thinking of...I'm talking about living a life that is REGULARILY built around a consistent routine. Its taken me a lifetime to finally achieve just a bit of success with this one...and believe me I could do lots better, BUT at least I'm making progress!!! That's all that matters.

Living a life of REGULARITY is living a life that is slightly eased from making so many decisions each day because you have a 'default' way of living each day. The kids and I finally know, expect, and simply just DO what we know we are suppose to do each day...AND there is POWER in that.

I've had a few of you request that I share what our 'default' routine is for our family. So I will, but please don't judge me...because its not perfect!! (And I'm always tweaking it) But over all we generally do the same thing Monday-Thursdays (Fridays we have a fabulous CoOp that supports what we are learning at home). I guess now I can feel myself itching to create a weekend 'default routine' for Saturday and Sunday. I've wanted to do it for a few months now, but needed to get my weekday routine in order and functioning before I did I'm only a few weeks away from trying to tackle that...WOO-HOO!!

[Our Wednesday Default Routine]
Each day I tweak it a bit to adjust the different activities we have happening that day.

[6:00-8:00] GET MOVING TIME
• get dressed, make your bed, clean up your room
• feed your animals
• eat breakfast
• brush teeth
• pick up the downstairs & clean both bathrooms
• Song, Prayer
• Read Scriptures
• Scripture Mastery
• History Lesson
• Science Lesson
• 15-20min personal journal/reading time
[9:30-10:00] Excellence in Writing TIME
[10:00-12:00] Music/Reading TIME (choice time when not with mom)
[12:00-12:40] LUNCH
[12:40-1:40] MATH TIME
[1:40-2:00] Afternoon Break/Clean Up
• get a snack (cheese stick, fruit shake, crackers, fruit)
• join us outside for a game (hopscotch or four square)
[2:00-3:30] STRUCTURE LEARNING TIME (put dinner in)
[3:30-4:00] House clean up
[4:15-5:45] Karate
[6:15] ARRIVE HOME, eat, and get ready for bed
• pick up house
• teeth brushed by 7
• in rooms by 7:15 for reading time
[8:00] Lights out