Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The One Minute Teacher

{New approach to goal setting}
I've been reading the One Minute Teacher this last week in between my other reading, and I am really enjoying it. Its an easy read and one you can pick up and put down without getting lost. One of the things it talks about in the book is setting the one minute goal (I think that is what they call it). So this morning as I was making my bed I made a few goals for the day, and its really helped. Its not like I didn't make goals before, but the way the book approaches goal setting is really empowering and its helped me not get overwhelmed, recover when I fail, and keep my expectations of myself reasonable. Which is awesome because in the past I've typically set too many lofty goals and not get any of them done!

{Today's Goals}
1. Have devotional with the kids before the end of the day.
2. Read 2 chapters out of Life of Fred (our math book) this equals to about an hour of math.
3. Read 30 minutes out of our History of the World book
4. Spend 30 minutes reading with Megan
5. Read to the little boys for 20 minutes.
6. Read Man of the Family to the older kids.
7. Encourage imaginary play and drawing time.
8. Work on spelling and definitions during reading time.
9. Spend time reading my book Laddie try to read 100 pages today.
10. Start my new budget system!!!

So far we've done math, history, imaginary/drawing play, spelling/definitions and its only noon. We do lots of these things every day, but when I set goals and can measure what we've been doing its makes it so much better. It helps me stay on course and headed in the right direction.

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Mindful Mothering said...

Sounds like you are doing great with the kids. Like the idea of smaller goals too... I usually get too set with my schedule and don't allow enough flexibility for them ~ still working on that:-)