Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is why we live in Arizona!

{Perfect weather}
Today the weather couldn't have been better. It was PERFECT! Not too cold not too hot a little overcast with a few light sprinkles. WOW!!

{Gate Install}

We played outside almost all day today. One of the perks of living in the country lots of space to roam. :) Today we also got a fence installed along our front yard today to help keep our animals and kids off the street. I know I am a little paranoid, but the street we live on is really long and sometimes cars get going pretty fast and it just scares me. I am so grateful for this gate and the huge stress reliever it is.

{Ginger and Gilligan}

For Christmas we got two adorable miniature Australian Shepperd's. It was a compromise. Scott wanted a good sized dog that could get a Frisbee and I wanted a dog small enough to not knock over all the kids. Viola! We found the perfect dogs. They are about half the size of a normal Australian Shepard but still have all the traits and characteristics of the breed. Gilligan is our little man I think he'll end up being a toy size probably about 13 inches high and maybe 20-25 pounds. Ginger our big lady will most likely be 15-17 inches high and 25-30 pounds. We are loving them!!

{Chilling Outside}

Cooper outside in his PJs at 4:00 the afternoon. It was just one of those days! We were on the Arizona rainy day schedule. Slow, steady, and relaxed. We even started a fire.

Its hard to see it, but Jarom is actually jumping a little ditch. He was so excited, but didn't think my photo really captured the moment. Sorry dude...I'll try better next time.

Becca chilling in her stroller as always and being a good little girl watching her brothers get dirty.

Brea was busy taking a nap while I was taking photos, and Megan was inside coloring some Let's Play Music puppets. She is so awesome and has really started loving to learn. While her brothers were playing outside she ditched them to color, draw, and read in our school room. No worries though...she was able to keep tabs on what they were doing out front through a window in our school room...she even opened it and talked to us outsiders for a bit. (Megan did play outside with us this morning for a few its not like she doesn't know how to get dirty and play with the boys.)

{School Report}
Today we did squeeze in some good reading time after lunch. Jarom actually was begging me to read a chapter in a book I am reading to Megan and Jarom. It was awesome to have him really wanting to do that over something else. Progress.


The Brown Family said...

oh my goodness that puppy is the cutest thing ever! I so need to get Holly and Travis over there so they can love on it! I miss our puppy. :-( Glad you guys are well!

Mindful Mothering said...

I don't blame you for putting up a gate!:) It is so worth peace of mind:) Love having glimpses into your progress!

Dan and Alli Ralphs said...

Yeah for the gate!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!! I really wish that we had a dog!! And I really miss our old dog a lot!! :(