Thursday, February 19, 2009


With TV not allowed during the week at our house the kids often get creative when they feel boredom coming on. Maybe some kids embrace boredom but my kids HATE IT!! To Jarom there is nothing worse than being bored. However, when we first started homeschooling he felt bored often and thought it was my job to cure his severe case of boredomitis. My reply was your boredom is your problem, and although I was willing to help him find something to do alone or with was his job to figure out how to cure his affliction not mine. It took him a couple of months to realize I was serious, but ever since then he's done great (most of the time) of coming up with things to do when he isn't reading, doing projects, working on chores, or doing other daily duties.

{family fun?}

Last week I was busy working away when I heard a commotion in the hallway. It was after lunch and the kids were a bit wiggly. I had left Becca happily sitting on the family room floor while I organized some mail in the office. The noise continued to grow in the other room and I started to wonder what was going on, but before I had the chance to investigate my gang of kiddos barged in to show me what they'd been up to. There she was my little chubby Becca smashed into Brea's doll stroller. She looked uncomfortable yet she was smiling because she was the center of attention and obviously pleasing everyone! I can only imagine how they got her in there. I'm glad I wasn't watching as they pushed her plump little body into the small stroller. Jarom asked what I thought, and I could tell all the kids were all proud that they had successfully squeezed big Becca into a little stroller. I smiled and kind of laughed at the silly scene. I made them wait so I could take a picture and then they whisked her off for a roller coaster adventure through the house. Poor girl won't ever be able to repay that favor to a younger sibling since she's our caboose.

{the labeler}
Today my kids gave the label machine a whole new purpose. Like most moms every once in a while I call one child by another child's name. It's not on purpose or anything...I swear! I don't know if the kids were trying to tease me or what, but after lunch Megan found my labeler and got the older kids to voluntarily labeled themselves. I think they knew they weren't suppose to play with my labeler and thought if they got me to laugh they wouldn't get in trouble. Well guess what they were right. I thought this was HILLARIOUS!!! Now if I was just able to have the same easy going reaction to Brea throwing her food on the floor I'd be set. Oh well...its a process.

Anyway it's always good to laugh, and I need to do more of it!!!! Thanks kiddos for a funny memory. I am sure this will go down in our family's history books.


Dan and Alli Ralphs said...

I love it!! That picture of Becca is awesome!! Jarom is such a funny kid. So what did the kids label themselves as?!?

Unknown said...

That story is so funny. I love that picture. I heard Cora laughing and River was tipping her all the way back in her carseat and then flinging her forward, something I would not have approved of!
p.s. You are amazing!

Martineau Family said...

They labeled themselves as themselves. Cooper had a Cooper label on his forehead and so on. SO FUNNY!