Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I can't believe its been almost a month since my last post. Lots has happened this last month, but I'm not going to talk about that right now because I want to just talk about today.

  1. The four oldest kids got themselves dressed.
  2. All the animals got fed including the stray kitten we found two days ago.
  3. The chickens got let out. We've started letting them roam free in the yard during the day. SO FUN!!
  4. Jarom made us pancakes (with Morning Moo because we're out of Milk). They were yummy.
  5. We had devotional. We read the story of the widow who has 10 pieces of silver and looses one and then finds the lost piece of silver and celebrates. I had the kids do narration with the story. Its been fun to start using narration more!
  6. I read to the kids from the History of the World all about slavery. We pulled out the globe and talked about where Africa, England, Spain, North and South America are which was related to the history we were talking about. Of course then we also looked for Puerto Rico where Grandma and Grandpa are, Hawaii, Canada, Chile, Peru, and Portugal so other hot spots for our family right now.
  7. Megan read a science book to herself about outer space and stars while the boy played a game of some kind which involved Tinker Toys and running around the house.
  8. I read a little from The Well Trained Mind (very interesting book) while #7 was taking place.
  9. Now we're in the school room. Some kids are playing with the toys that are messily spread out over the floor, and the older kids are working on puzzles of Greek Myths.
Its been a good day. Even though the kitchen is still a bit messy from breakfast...life is good and we've gotten a lot done. WOO-HOO!


Dan and Alli Ralphs said...

I am way excited to talk to you about what you thought about Well Trained Mind. It sounds like it was a good day! I love it!! You are awesome!!

Tricia said...

Good work! You're so good at seeing the positive side of any day, but this sounded like a great one! Your kids are learning great things...thanks for the inspiration!