Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inspire NOT Require Part One

[Finally getting it]
I've been a mom for almost 10 years now, and a HIP homeschooling mama for three years now. So, I'm a bit embarrassed to say that it hasn't been until this year that I finally feel like I've got my mom groove on. I'm not saying things are perfect, but for some reason I think I'm finally starting to understand and be capable of harnessing the power of INSPIRE NOT REQUIRE. Inspire NOT Require ts one of the foundational keys of I've started to live by for the past few years. Even though I believe it to be a universal truth, its been a hard one to live. It just seems that forcing yourself, or your child to do something whether its an educational thing or a work/chore thing is the easier way to go.

Once you start looking to scripture, and how God does things, its easy enough to realize that this isn't how God parents us. So why would we parent differently than God. Inspire yourself or your child is hard work, but not impossible. Its requires a system, rewards, consequences, lots of LOVE, tons of work, consistency, enthusiasm, a tremendous amount of trust, and passion.

[The Inspiration System]
This year, Scott and I created a simple system to help Inspire our children. The system has two main missions. First of all, it was to help them understand the importance of their daily required chores. I really need to have a clean home (or at least as clean of a home as is possible with so many little kids), and in order for our home to be a house of order it requires every one's help. After struggling last year to keep up, I realized this year I had to get my little ones to start helping out more. So that was mission number one. Mission number two was to motivate my children to want to study and learn. I understand that forcing my children to learn won't work, or would be far less effective than if my children chose to learn on their own accord. I wanted the latter to happen, so after a summer of reading, thinking, and praying I created a system that has worked in helping my children begin the life long journey of self-education.
[to be continued...]
I don't have time to describe my Inspire System right now. So I'll wait, and go into more detail and post some pictures of my system soon...


Nanette said...

I can't wait! I am just beginning to understand that to inspire is more about being an inspiration rather than forcing an agenda on someone. Andee, you certainly inspire me, and I look forward with gratitude to more details. Creating a house of order, love, and inspiration is a journey I am passionate about investing into. Thank you!

Ranee said...


This is Ranee Hansen! Anyway...I LOVED this post! You are so inspiring to me! I am still in that place where I am trying hard each day to trust the process, and I am still trying to find what "works" for us! I have little successes and failures here and there and I am still hoping that when all is said and done, my kids won't hate me for homeschooling them! :0) We are trying to read together each day and balance our priorities. I am excited to hear about the chore system you have, and also about what has been working for you in the "inspiration" scheme of things! :0) I learn SO much from you! :0)