Monday, February 22, 2010

TJed Trenches

I just posted this on a blog called: In The TJed Trenches and I thought I'd share it here too!! My post is about one of the 7 Key of Education...You NOT Them. I have to say that I feel like these are NOT only keys to education, but also keys for living a fulfilled life. Enjoy!!

Someone once described this key to me as YOU and THEM!! I liked the little twist they put on the principle of not getting so focused on what your kids are doing (or what you think they should be doing) that you forget that it all really starts with YOU!! Its reminds me that this journey of learning, studying, and growing is something that everyone (including mom and dad) need to be a part of!!!

A few years ago I was able to listen to a wonderful lecture Dr. DeMille was giving at George Wythe University. At the very end of his speech he said something that rocked my world. He challenged us to do something about our personal education. Then he made a statement. He said...the education you have in ten years from now will be the education your children will have ten years from now. SHOOT!!! I loved this, and hated this all at once. For me it meant I really needed to step up my game!!

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think he meant that my kids education would mirror my education, but I do think he meant that the level at which I was growing spiritually, educationally, and personally WOULD mirror the level and intensity of growth my children would be experiencing. He ended the speech with a simple statement something like...the choice is yours what will you do!

Its been at least 3 or 4 years since I heard him say this...but the message has been burned into my mind. I wasn't homeschooling my kids at the time, but was seriously considering it. I had read The Thomas Jefferson Education book, and had become infected with a disease I like to call the Leadership Education Epidemic. I was beginning to see for the first time what my life really looked like...mediocre, unintentional, distracted, BLAH?!...and I wanted to change!! But, I was freaking out at the overwhelming thought of leading this ultra Intentional Leadership Education kind of it wasn't until a year or so later that I finally took the plunge.

The first HUGE change I made was pulling the kids out of school. But I knew there was so much more to this new life I wanted to live. I hadn't read in so long that didn't even know where to I simply started by reading books to the kids. I got a few books like Little House in the Big Woods, Little Britches, Laddie, and others and began reading them aloud. It was a start. I was at least reading again. Next we turned off our cable, and limited movie and gaming we had less distractions and I found it easier to focus and find time to play and read with the kids. About 6 months later not knowing what the heck I was doing (other than I was reading to start studying more) I joined a 5 Pillar class...(2 years later I'm almost done with it...WOO-HOO!!).

Over the last few years I've noticed a HUGE increase in my kids desire to learn and read when I am pushing myself in my own studies. When I relax in my studying, and start focusing more on what I think the kids should be doing our momentum dies. I am not saying that I ignore my kids, and focus only on my studying. HECK NO!! I am constantly perfecting my custom made Martineau Family Inspiration Plan. It gets tweaked all the time, because my motto is if at first you don't inspire try try again!! But I'll have to wait and do another post about that.

Everyone needs an example to follow...especially our kids. My prayer is that my example shows my kids that I believe that living an intentional life of learning is the way to go!! Like Dr. DeMille told me years ago, the choice is yours what will you do! I choose to live an intentional life filled with learning, because I know I have a mission and I want to be prepared. You NOT them works!!!


Tricia said...

Oh thank you, Andee! I needed this today. You're so inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks in UT!

Julie said...

Thank you...I really enjoy reading your blog. I needed this today. (I also liked your DEAR day what fun)