Thursday, April 15, 2010

Loving Life!!

Its kind of funny because this week has been a week of extremes. Emotionally...I went from totally losing it on feeling this almost of out of body sensation of joy and peace today. Part of me wishes I could have skipped Monday all together, I mean it was just a terribly miserable day. Then, I think of the joy and peace I feel today, and wondered, if it isn't in part a result of the journey I went through this week (including Monday). Hitting a low helped me work towards, and really embrace the high I feel today.

Tonight at a book discussion I attended, we discussed Great Expectations, and at some point in the night we talked about the power of life's experiences, and the growth and perspective that can come from these times in our life IF we choose it. WOW!! What a great lesson to remember yet again. This life is about BECOMING not achieving or checking off a list of items, or getting through a day, or purchasing an item, or anything else that simply helps us climb another rung on the latter. NO!!! Its about changing, learning, loving, and BECOMING!!

So even though on Monday I lost it, today I am BECOMING something maybe even as a result of that experience on Monday. Tonight as I type this I'm LOVING LIFE, and excited about the unlimited possibilities that lay before me. I'm saying goodbye (yet again) to a life of mediocrity and HELLO to a life of INTENTION!! I'm going to intentionally choose to love, intentionally choose to grow, intentionally choose to conquer my fears, and intentionally choose to...fill in the blank, which will hopefully allow me to intentionally choose to become who I am suppose to become...this is so exciting!!!

In general conference they described this process so perfectly when one of the general authorities quoted President Monson saying:

"LEARN what you need to LEARN...DO what you need to DO...BE who you need to BE!!"

I think I'm going to put that up on my wall. What a great motto to live by. During conference they didn't call it TJed, but that doesn't matter. Over and over the leaders preached the principles of relationships, learning, growing, and BECOMING!!! These are the principles of the gospel, the principle of The Thomas Jefferson Education, the principles of freedom (for country and self), but most importantly to me they are the principles of truth and happiness. We weren't just sent here to make it through...we were sent here to BECOME GREAT!!!

Life is good, and I'm loving every second of it.

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Anonymous said...

wow Freedom has many faces. Thanks for sharing this one!