Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer break in April? Only in Arizona!

A few weeks before April I decided, (after fighting with the kids for weeks to 'study' inside) that we were going to ENJOY the amazing Arizona spring weather, and embrace our season. I figured what the heck...we're taking our summer break in April. I am the teacher after all...aren't I?!

Shortly after that I deemed April 'project' month, and I began to fill it with every project I'd been putting off for the last 6 months. The BIGGIE was what I hated most. However, knowing myself all too well I realized I knew I would go crazy if my house got any dirty, unorganized, or just plain BLAH!!! I HAD to get to work doing the BIGGEST, and hopefully the BEST 6 month purge EVER . This was to be the purge of all purges. I was tackling some stinking big messy issues, that I just had to figure out how to fix. I knew the first step involved a major re-organizational experience, which would create a super duper messy house. However, it was time, and I was ready...(at least I was trying to get myself excited) about tearing my house apart.


(I'll talk more and more about how this concept of cards has evolved into something really really great over this last month, but let me start at the beginning.)

Not knowing where to begin, I found some old blue 3x5 cards, that never got used for a flash card project last year. I started writing down the areas of the house I needed to start organizing first. I divided my 10 cards into two days, and assumed I'd get through the house in 2 days...LOL!! Oh well!! I'm actually glad I didn't realize it would actually take me working at it on and off for a whole month, to tackle the many issues I was facing in my home. I may not have started if I knew this reality.

I prioritized my cards, and started by tackling the first card on the refrigerator, pantry, and laundry room. This was going to be a life changing journey!! Weird, but true. All I can say is sometimes when you don't know where to begin, you just have to start somewhere...and that is exactly what I was doing.


Naomi Martineau said...

We've been starting to purge and deep clean as well! of course our 2 bedroom apt is much less of a task then your large house, but it is amazing how much junk can accumulate in just a year and how regular surface cleaning just cannot cut it after a few months!

Ranee said...

I LOVE the idea of making "Purge Cards"! Brilliant! I think I will do that today! What is it about the illusive refrigerator? Mine needs to be cleaned out and re-organized, and just as soon as I do that, it will need it again! :D) Moving has been such a natural purge for our family! It's so great to feel addicted to purging instead of addicted to stuff! :D)

Mindful Mothering said...

I love getting caught up on your blog. As always, inspiriation! Thanks for all you do :-)