Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally feeling it again!!!

[I'm back]
So I guess you could say I've been a bit delinquent in my blogging for the last 3 months or so. For some reason I felt like I needed to disconnect from a lot of the electronics I'd been engaged in, and refocus my energy a bit on some other things. (I'm starting to call it my 'Summer Season' I just enjoyed my kids, tried to read and study more, and spend more time thinking. I love how we all experience different 'seasons' in our lives!!! Figuring that one little concept out has really effected my outlook on life.)

However, now I'm finally feeling it again, and I'm getting organized, working hard planning and cleaning, and getting really excited to get my family back on our wonderful schedule!!! I'm also super excited to start sharing my thoughts, feelings, and okay just the plain reality of how my life is going these days...which to be quite honest is a bit CRAZY!!! It's not really all that crazy overall, but my two and three year old little adorable girls are just a totally different dynamic than I've ever experienced before. I think its probably almost what twins would be like. Some days I think I'm starting to figure it out, but then sometimes I feel totally like a clueless mother and just can't figure out how to make them stop screaming at each other. All that being said, I'm happy to have this extremely small challenge in my life, and I am learning SO MUCH!!! Being a mother is such a blessing and I'm grateful every day for my sweet little family.

So the latest news in our family is that Meg was baptized on the 10th, and it was amazing!! She is such a wonderful girl and I can't believe how smart, mature, and spiritual she is. Megan was so excited to make the commitment to be baptized and has talked and thought a lot about it for the last few weeks. Today was her first activity day for the 8 and 9 year olds at our church and she was in heaven to be able to go hang out with her friends and learn a little too!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Megan!!!!

Nanette said...

What an exciting season, indeed!! I am SO looking forward to your new shared insights and wisdom!! Congrats Megan, you look beautiful in your white dress!!

Ranee said...

It's so funny that you call this your "Summer Season", because I was just thinking about our upcoming "school year", and thinking to myself that I'd rather call it a "Learning Season!" I am excited to hear more of your great ideas for your family! Congratulations to Megan! Those pictures are beautiful! I can't believe that my Gannon will be baptized next year! Where does the time go? :D)

Brittaney said...

You are beautiful Meggy! Congrats on turning 8 and being baptized.

Tricia said...

She's beautiful, Andee! Just beautiful. And so very blessed to have you for her mother.