Thursday, July 22, 2010


So over the last year and a half I've been working on creating a really great 'learning environment' in my entire home and ALSO in my 'school' room. For the last two months I've been gathering books, trying to sort them out, and evaluate the 'school' room space I have. However, what's really happened is that each day I've entered the totally messy room, been completely overwhelmed, and realized that the mess has gotten bigger and bigger right before my eyes.

About 4 weeks ago it finally hit me...I realized I didn't have enough places for all my things. I needed to either put some things away in storage, get more book cases, or perhaps do a combination of them both. I set out to figure out how to make or purchase a bookcase that was within my budget, and yesterday I FINALLY found it...WOO-HOO!! Today the bookcase arrived, and my mess became bigger and bigger as I began to tackle the HUGE project. I'm finally making some progress, and I'm just kicking myself I didn't take some before pictures. I think a before picture would make me feel a bit better about what I've done so far.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can finally establish some sort of system of organization that will help make my room not only functional, but inviting for my family to really engage in learning!!! This is getting me so stinking excited about getting back 100% into school/learning mode!!


Ranee said...

That's so great! When we moved to this new house, we were finally able to purchase three, 7 foot tall bookshelves for our book collection! It has been SO fun finding the books we need and bringing them home, knowing we have the room for them now! Likewise, we also have a "school room" that has needed some tackling! Unfortunately, it doubles as a place for our food storage, so it's still kinda' crowded in there. But, we are making some progress and hope to have it better organized within this next year! It's so exciting to tackle big jobs and see the results! Go You!

Tricia said...

Funny...I'm in the same mode. Except I'm still staring around at the piles of books and wondering how to make a functional space before we get back on track! Wish I could pop over to see what you did to your room! Post photos, pleeeeease!

joven said...

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