Saturday, September 25, 2010

I finally have some REGULARITY!!

So, I've recently (ok so not so recently...over the last 2 years) but, even more over the last 6 months I've fallen completly in love with the teachings and writings of Charlotte Mason. She was a master, at figuring out how to make family life and life long learning go from good to GREAT!! Anyway, last night I was listening to a DVD that was discussing some of her writings about habits. It was FANTASTIC...BTW!!! I could go on and on about what I learned...but I won't take time to do that right now. :) However, I did have to clap my hands at one small success I have recently formed in regards to habits. I've developed the habit of 'REGULARITY' as Charlotte calls it.

I'm sure you are either laughing a bit right now...or totally confused. No, I'm not talking about what you're thinking of...I'm talking about living a life that is REGULARILY built around a consistent routine. Its taken me a lifetime to finally achieve just a bit of success with this one...and believe me I could do lots better, BUT at least I'm making progress!!! That's all that matters.

Living a life of REGULARITY is living a life that is slightly eased from making so many decisions each day because you have a 'default' way of living each day. The kids and I finally know, expect, and simply just DO what we know we are suppose to do each day...AND there is POWER in that.

I've had a few of you request that I share what our 'default' routine is for our family. So I will, but please don't judge me...because its not perfect!! (And I'm always tweaking it) But over all we generally do the same thing Monday-Thursdays (Fridays we have a fabulous CoOp that supports what we are learning at home). I guess now I can feel myself itching to create a weekend 'default routine' for Saturday and Sunday. I've wanted to do it for a few months now, but needed to get my weekday routine in order and functioning before I did I'm only a few weeks away from trying to tackle that...WOO-HOO!!

[Our Wednesday Default Routine]
Each day I tweak it a bit to adjust the different activities we have happening that day.

[6:00-8:00] GET MOVING TIME
• get dressed, make your bed, clean up your room
• feed your animals
• eat breakfast
• brush teeth
• pick up the downstairs & clean both bathrooms
• Song, Prayer
• Read Scriptures
• Scripture Mastery
• History Lesson
• Science Lesson
• 15-20min personal journal/reading time
[9:30-10:00] Excellence in Writing TIME
[10:00-12:00] Music/Reading TIME (choice time when not with mom)
[12:00-12:40] LUNCH
[12:40-1:40] MATH TIME
[1:40-2:00] Afternoon Break/Clean Up
• get a snack (cheese stick, fruit shake, crackers, fruit)
• join us outside for a game (hopscotch or four square)
[2:00-3:30] STRUCTURE LEARNING TIME (put dinner in)
[3:30-4:00] House clean up
[4:15-5:45] Karate
[6:15] ARRIVE HOME, eat, and get ready for bed
• pick up house
• teeth brushed by 7
• in rooms by 7:15 for reading time
[8:00] Lights out


Tricia said...

Thanks for posting your schedule, Andee! You're doing such a great job. We're still working on getting into a solid routine over here. I love how your day looks. Wish I could come and spend a day with you guys!! Thank you for inspiring me to nail down our schedule and get some "regularity!" love you!

Ranee said...

You are SO inspiring to me! This is AWESOME! :0) I have yet to study Charlotte Mason's writings, though I'd like to! I LOVED it when Penny came and taught us that day! :0)

Diann Jeppson said...

Love the concept of a "default schedule." I do this too, and it gives me so much peace to have decided what the fundamental plan is, when we don't have something unique going on.