Wednesday, August 13, 2008

doing the dishes...

So how do you get your kids to do the dishes? I've been asking myself this for a while now... A couple days ago we introduced the {Binder} (more on that later). All I am going to say for now is that the mysterious {Binder} has worked, and now my kids are doing the dishes. Here are some pictures from this morning's dish extravaganza. I only asked once and they were on it! This was Cooper's first time really helping out with the dishes, and he was loving it.
Megan's got her own style of washing the dishes. She sits on the counter and gets the dishes rinsed in a jiffy.
Have you ever seen someone wipe the table off like this? I know I haven't!!
Cooper was a champ at loading. He just went to town getting the rinsed dishes into the dishwasher. I was so impressed.
Here Cooper is trying his best at getting the dishes out of the sink. I can't believe he's tall enough to reach into the sink. Thataboy!
Even Brea tried to pitch in. Although she was less than helpful. Her favorite thing was taking dishes out not putting them in. This got a bit frustrating for her older siblings.
When the kids were done with the dishes they each got one or two (depending on how much they helped) reward cards signed off by mom. When they get 14 reward cards signed off they get to turn the sheet in for a candy bar of their choice.

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darbs said...

i love it. what a great idea