Friday, August 15, 2008

WOO-HOO!!! Park Day!!!

Today was the first ever South East TJed Park Day!!! Its been in the works for a while now so it was great to finally have it happen.

To be honest I had some selfish motivations for park day. Of course I wanted to let my kids play with other homeschooled kids so they can form a positive peer group. Yes that was very important, but I was equally excited about the opportunity park day gave me to get to know some other hip homeschooling moms that live close to my home. And I totally did!!
Here are some of the mom's chilling on towels chatting it up. Next time we'll bring chairs...oops. I didn't realize that there weren't any benches near by. Oh well.

We had a great turn out I think there were 8 or 10 moms there. WOO-HOO! My only wish would have been that its was 20 degrees cooler. I guess I'll have to wait until November for that. :) Since we couldn't change the weather we did the next best thing. We had our little gathering at a Splash Pad. The great thing about this Splash Pad (other than it being super close to my house) was that there was also a little lake and playground near by (oh and a bathroom that's a must).
The Splash Pad kept all the kids cool and occupied so the moms had a little time to talk. It was a Win Win.

As a group we decided that we are going to start meeting every third Friday and while the kids are happily playing we'll discuss one chapter out of the new Leadership Education book by Oliver and Rachel DeMille. Oliver DeMille is the founder of George Wyth University and re-introduced the Thomas Jefferson Leadership style/philosophy of education.He is AMAZING!!! I am so inspired by him. I can hardly wait until September 19th to discuss chapter one of his new book.

So homeschooling is going well...really well. I never thought I would homeschool my children, and its still crazy to think that I am actually doing it. However, I know its the right thing for my family, and I have never been happier than I am now. Who would have thought that I would be happier having all my kids at home all day long vs. having two at school all day and only four at home all day. I guess the universe is full of surprises that don't always seem to logically make sense. :)


Sarita said...

Wow Andee! You are so on the ball! It was fun getting to know other moms and thier children and I have to agree that I never thought I could be so happy with ALL of my kids home either, but it is amazing what our home is transitioning into - Love it:-)

Mindful Mothering said...

I'm adding you to my link list and I'll send you an invite to our family blog! I LOVE your 'Mommy Closet' - I am definitly going to make one... I would love to have everything where I can find it and leave in a hurry :-) Thanks for the idea!

heathermommy said...

Hi Andee,

This is Heather Arnita from AZLAF. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I love the idea of having a bike riding track in the back yard. Thanks for giving me the idea. I will store that away for one day when I design my own backyard.

Sorry I missed Park Day. Looks like you guys had fun.

Marium said...

Andee you are an amazing mom and have a beautiful family. I have been reading over your blog and am truly inspired. I have been feeling as of late that there are some things I need to change. You have many great ideas and I don't know how you do it with all your kids at home. How in the world can you take care of the house the younger ones and keep the older ones on task doing school work? I was home schooled for a while but didn't like it. A few in my family home school but I'm not sure I could pull it off, it seems like a huge task to take on. Way to go.