Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family MoJo


Teaching Adult Skills...slowly.
Over the past year Jarom has become a GREAT breakfast cook. Making us pancakes often. Its so great to have such a great helper in the morning...thanks J-dog!


Okay I haven't been the best with FHE. Usually I am throwing something together as I give the lesson, but as my kids are now getting a little older its time for mommy to step it up! Last night we made cookies by first naming off the ingredients we needed to make a Happy Family. I had written all the ingredients we needed for cookies on one side of a square piece of card stock and then I flipped it over and wrote down the 'family' ingredients we needed to make a Happy Family during our discussion. Some of the things the kids named off were say things nicely, go to church, don't fight, have family prayers, etc... After they named something I wrote it on the back of one of the squares and gave them the squares to them. It was a lot of fun and then at the end I had them flip over their squares and they got to put that ingredient into the bowl to make cookies.

So I've been trying to over complicate the whole schedule thing I decided today. I always want to make something big, permanent, and super hip. But after praying for inspiration and help to get my homeschooling running more smoothly...especially my routine it came to me. The three things I've been struggling with lately have been...recording what we do each day, journaling, and mentor meetings.

I always try to over complicate things...simplify should be my motto for the year. All I needed was a calendar for each person, a journal, and a stack of sticky notes and Viola.

Here is what we are doing now to get my homeschool MoJo on. Starting yesterday (our first official day of school) I had a 5 minute mentor meeting with Megan and then with Jarom. We talked about what they thought they'd like to study today. Of course I helped make suggestions if they couldn't think of anything. We made a list of 5 or 6 things on their sticky note and we stuck the note on their calendar. At the end of the day they write on the day it is what they studied/learned. That will help me keep a record of what each child's been learning. Also at the end of the day after dinner when they have their PJs on and all the other nightly things done I am going to spend about 10-15 minutes with them in their room. We'll all journal together, and that way I'll be there in case Megan or Jarom need help. Then after 'journaling' time we'll have our normal reading time.

Okay so I know its only day two of my new [simple] system, but its been working so far. Its a huge blessing to have the ability to pray for help and receive an answer from the Lord to help me and my family! WOO-HOO!!!

Megan is working on her penmanship because she wanted to, and she put it on her list during our mentor meeting. LOVE IT!!!

Jarom out of the blue said he wanted to read Sign of the Beaver. I found it for him on the bookshelf and he read two chapters in no time. Did I say I am loving being [simple].


These Are The Days said...

I was the same way (and still have to watch myself), always complicating things when they could go smoother by just simplifying a bit. Good luck, I'm sure you are doing a great job. FYI, I have a GIVE AWAY going on so you should stop by my blog and enter to win 2 free movies. Riversidescholars.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I like the first part about Jarom!! And then I just skimmed through the rest!!