Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TWO FREE seminars by Dan Ralphs on March 14th!!!

{Dan is coming}
Okay I am SO EXCITED!!! Dan Ralphs has agreed to come down on March 14th and give TWO FREE seminars/lectures or whatever you want to call them. I've been begging him to come down for a while now and finally it's worked out. WOO-HOO!! Thanks Dan!!!!

{Saturday, March 14th}
So mark your calendars because you aren't going to want to miss out on this. Here's a little about him...

{Who's the heck is Dan Ralphs?}
Dan Ralphs is a native of Ukiah, California. He holds a Master's Degree in Education from George Wythe College. A popular speaker Mr. Ralphs has lectured in eleven different states and three different countries on a variety of subjects including education, leadership, personal success and politics. After years of working for George Wythe College, one of the premier leadership schools in the nation, he has returned to his true love, teaching. Mr. Ralphs currently is teaching at Williamsburg Academy, a small leadership-focused private school, where he is the primary mentor of 16 "very talented" high school age students. He is married to the former Allison Schnepf and they reside in Enoch, Utah with their three children Jay, Malia and Caleb.

{TWO FREE events}
I know it seems to good to be true, but Dan's agreed to hold two FREE events on Saturday, March 14th. One for the youth ages 12-18 that afternoon about Living in the Sweet Spot, and one for the adult that evening from 5:30-9:00 all about the book The Fourth Turning.

For the Youth:
12-18 years old
12:30-2:00 (light refreshment included)
Living Life in the Sweet Spot! It seems that some of the unavoidable feelings of life include: awkward, clumsy, frumpy, plain, unstylish, overwhelmed, out of place, and bored. In "Living Life in the Sweet Spot", I hope to shed some light on how you can bump into your sweet spot, your groove, your niche, your mojo.
*Dan's going to be giving this same lecture to the youth that attend the Salt Lake TJed Forum, so it will be AWESOME to have him come give it to our youth too!!!

For the Adults:
5:30-6:30 Potluck Dinner (Great time to mingle and get to know other homeschooling families in the area better!)
6:30-8:30 Fourth Turning Lecture by Dan
8:30-9:30 Wrap up...possibly Q&A
The Fourth Turning! Dan will be shedding some light on and helping us understand more about the concepts and themes presented in the book The Fourth Turning. With the way things are going right now this seems like the perfect time to learn more about these fascinating cycles that seem to consistently happen over and over throughout time. Where are we in the cycle and what can we expect for the future? Come join us for an incredible nigh

All the events will be held at our home in Queen Creek (Ironwood/Ocotillo) I'll email directions out later!

{RSVP Today}
If you are interested in attending either event please either leave a comment with your email address or email me directly at andeemartineau@gmail.com Space will be limited.
*Please include which seminar you'll be attending, how many will be coming, and an email address I can contact you at. THANKS!!!


Ellie said...

Dan Ralphs is an incredible speaker. I was priviledged to hear him speak at a Youth for America and was blown away by his ability to connect with his audience, especially youth. He truly has a gift! I know you'll enjoy his visit. :)

Mindful Mothering said...

Great thinking Andee! I just started reading the book and I'm loving it:) Jared and I would like to attend the adult seminar.

These Are The Days said...

Is it an LDS only thing...like will he be speaking from an LDS perspective or is it more of a TJED thing? Could you let me know, I'm thinking of coming and have a friend interested. Thanks.

Martineau Family said...

Jessica, Sorry I didn't reply. It isn't an LDS thing at all. In fact I know of at least two others who aren't members of the LDS church that will be coming. We'd love to have your friends too.