Monday, November 9, 2009

The Annual Cousin Photo Shoot!!

My sister Darby is an AMAZING photographer...which is super handy when it comes time to take our family photos. Today my sister Allison was in town (which is a rare occurrence since she thinks she should live in Utah with her hubby...go figure. I keep hoping one of these days she'll get him to realized Arizona is where its at!!). Sorry for the rambling, the point of that was that all the grand kids were together at last, and so of course it was time to take yet another family photo shoot.

With 13 grand kids in all, things can get a bit CRAZY when we try to get them all to sit and smile at the exact same moment. I have to say, my super photographing sister did an awesome job. She even edited them, and handed them out to us before we left my mom's house...she is AMAZING!!

So, thanks to Darby's mad editing skills, I get to share my cute kiddos photos the same day they were taken. I don't think I'm being to prejudice, when I say my six little kiddos are pretty much the cutest kids on Earth!!! Here they are youngest to oldest...

[Rebecca::1 year old] Becca is just about the cutest little thing ever. She's walking everywhere, climbing on everything, and starting to say words like 'hi' and 'night night.' It was kind of rough having two little ones a year and 5 days apart from each other, but now that I'm out of the little baby stage I'm so glad that Brea and Becca are so close to each other. Its going to be loads of fun having two little Irish twins to finish up our family.

[Brea:: 2 years old] Brea is such a fun, spunky little 'girly' girl. I often find Brea in her room changing her clothes or in the shoe closet trying on everyone's shoes. She loves to look cute, and enjoys having her hair done. Brea always likes to have an accessory to give her look more of a flair, like a fun hand bag, necklace, or bracelet. She is a mother to all the 'little kids' and today we found her trying to change Jack's diaper (who is only a few months younger than her and probably a inch or so taller than she is). She is a total HOOT!!

[Hyrum:: 4 years old]
Hyrum is my little Ohio baby, with the cutest almond eyes you've ever seen. He has a super funny personality, a quick wit, and loves playing any type of sport. I'm impressed with his imagination, and his ability entertain himself for long periods of time. Hyrum is super happy, and great at listening to me when I ask him to do something. I just had to post two pictures of Hyrum one with big eyes and one with little eyes.

[Cooper:: 5 years old] Cooper is so kind and has such a gentle heart. He is always looking out for the younger kids and wants to make sure everyone feels loved and happy. As Cooper has a sensitive yet hilarious personality. He is always making our family crack up. I've been so impressed with how well Cooper remembers what is expected of him. WOW!!! He's been doing things like go to be the first time he's asked and clear his plate after a meal like clockwork lately. What a champ. Cooper is my cuddle bug and my Bob books series partner. Having Cooper officially join our 'homeschool' this year has been a treat!!

[Megan:: 7 years old] I don't know when it happened, but as I was looking at Megan's pictures tonight I felt like I was looking at this grown up little girl. Where did my baby Megan go?! Seriously...I'm not ready to have such a beautiful young women in my home, that I just know I'm going to have to keep the boys away from. What a knock out. Megan, is worm! She is always willing to learn anything and everything. She's also recently become Nancy Drew's #1 fan!! We use car time as 'reading aloud time' and Nancy Drew is our first choice right now for car reading. Megan is also a natural born cleaner, and has even been able to get her brothers to get involved more with the daily cleaning. She's also a fabulous baby helper!! I am so lucky to have such a pretty and wonderful girl in my home.

[Jarom:: 10 years old] Jarom is TEN!!! I can't believe I'm old enough to have a 10 year old. Jarom often gets the brunt of things since he's the oldest and quite a bit older than the rest of the crew. However, he bares the burden well and usually doesn't even complain that he seems to have twice as many responsibilities as the rest of the littler ones. Jarom is an amazing all around helper...with his household chores, animal chores, school work, and is always willing to do what ever I need him to help me with. Its hard to believe that in only two years he's going to be a priesthood holder. Okay...I'm kind of hyperventilating. What a blessing it is to have Jarom in our family.


Ranee said...

Okay...your kids are SO sweet and adorable! I LOVED the pictures! Your sister did such a great job! :0)

Nanette said...

What a great post, Andee! Thank you for sharing your amazing family! It is fun to get to know you better!

RPH said...

Your kids are adorable!! Love the little guy in the slug-bug. Cute pictures!

cherie said...

great photos! they all look so cute!

Lifes Delish said...

Wow!They are growing so fast. I would have to agree about Darbs..the pictures are great. Glad you guys are doing well.