Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Martineau Quarterly Planning Meeting

Every quarter Scott has a business meeting in LA that I get to accompany him. His meeting is an all day event, which gives me time to think and reflect alone, on our first day there, which is such a blessing. Recently, we've started to try and stay over the day after his meeting. On day two Scott is able to use the morning to digest all he has learned, and we are able to use the afternoon to do a little family planning. Taking time each quarter to do some reflective thinking and family planning has been a HUGE blessing. We evaluate our progress over the last quarter, set goals for the upcoming quarter, make plans, and get creative with how we're going to make our family the best family ever. :)

We just got back from our Quarterly Planning meeting last week, and I just had to jot down a few thoughts about it. This quarter we created our Family's TOPs (top operating priorities). These are the TOP 5 things we want to accomplish as a family in the next quarter.

This Quarter's TOPs
1. Create a Balance Workload
2. More Peace on Prince Ave.
3. Get More Innovative
4. Be MORE Social
5. Create a House of Learning

Scott and I the created about 20 SMARTs (specific measurable achievable realistic time bound) or to say it simply goals for the quarter. SMARTs are basically the little to do's or daily items that have to be done to accomplish the bigger goal. Tonight we presented the plan to the kiddos in our Sunday family meeting, and it was FABULOUS!! Each SMARTs was assigned to different members of the family, and when we told the kids what they were responsible for doing they got so was BRILLIANT!!

I am really starting to love dividing the year into quarter sections. I have a year long plan, but sometimes its hard to plot the actual course I need to take to reach my year plan. For me, dividing it into quarter sections has really started to help me break it down, and start making real progress. Its exciting.

Right now I feel like I have a renewed energy and excitement about my role as a mother and a wife!! I love the power I feel right now...or maybe its rather a belief that I CAN get creative and innovative in my journey of creating my 'ideal' home and family!!! I'm going to keep holding onto that belief. Here's to another Martineau Family Quarter!!!

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