Monday, March 22, 2010

What now?!

This last weekend I was able to go to the TJed Forum in Salt Lake City. Stephanie and I flew up on Thursday, and stayed with our wonderful dear friend Tricia Cope!! (Thanks Tricia you were SO amazing to let us stay with you, and get to hang out with your family for a few days.)

DAY ONE: On Friday (after getting into a 4 car accident on the freeway...thank goodness we were in front and weren't hurt to bad) we attended a Arbinger Institute seminar. It was so healing. One of the founders of the Arbinger Institute wrote The Peace Giver, and then Arbinger is responsible for books like The Anatomy of Peace, Bonds That Make Us Free, Leadership and Self Deception, The Choice, etc... I could go on and on about what I learned, but my big AH-HA was RELATIONSHIPS!! I was reminded how important relationships are, and given skills, tools, and insights on how to keep my relationships healthy, strong, and vibrant!! Stephanie, Tricia, and I left feeling recharged, and uplifted!!

DAY TWO: On Saturday we attended the amazing TJed SLC Forum. Its my third year going, and I wasn't disappointed. I think some of my non-TJed friends think when I go to something like this that we probably talk all about homeschooling tricks, tips, and techniques...and I think it that was the case I would have long tired of it. Thomas Jefferson Education is way of life and is based on principles that complement my core religious beliefs. TJed as I like to call it is based on 8 keys and 4 phases. I've listed them below, but to really find out more you should read A Thomas Jefferson Education or click HERE for a good online resource.

The 8 keys are:
1. Classics not Textbooks
2. Mentors not Professors
3. Inspire not Require
4. Structure Time not Content
5. Quality not Conformity
6. Simplicity not Complexity
7. You not Them
8. Secure not Stressed

The 4 Phases:
1. Core Phase
2. Love of Learning Phase
3. Scholar Phase
4. Depth Phase

The reason I wanted to explain that first is that TJed is so much more than the way I've decided to educate my children. Its a lifestyle of learning, loving, relationships, intention, virtue, spirituality, etc...that translates into a life of fulfillment, service, and happiness. So whenever I go to a training based on these TJed principles its so much than homeschooling. In fact, most of the time its more about the principles of living a happy fulfilled life, than about homeschooling. I guess this makes sense to me because, you can't really do anything well if your life isn't healthy, intentional, and based on true principles. The more my soul is feed and understands truth the more I am successful at everything I am trying to do.

What now?!
Since Saturday evening I've been process everything I learned this weekend. Last night I was anticipating a new day of life, work, homeschooling, and family ahead of me. As I prayed last night, I asked to know how to implement all this amazing knowledge I learned. I keep a little notebook by my bed to write down inspiration as it comes to me after praying. My husband encouraged me to start doing this, and its been an amazing experience, and has helped me act on and remember more flashes of personal revelation than ever before.

So, back to last night. I was praying for help to know what to do, and had the most amazing experience. I felt direction and inspiration come to my mind and began to understand that it was time to start implementing some things, keeping somethings the same, and tweak some things that I'd been putting off. It was time to find peace, create more order, and get even more intentional.

I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the way learning and studying classical literature, history, and science enhances my testimony, understanding, and gratitude for my Savior Jesus Christ. The principles of The Thomas Jefferson Education are principles of FREEDOM. Not only in the sense of political freedom (although that is part of it), but FREEDOM from sin, hate, ignorance, apathy, laziness, depression, fear, worldliness, etc... It has equiped me with knowledge and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! The kind of power that can make each day amazing, because we have the power to understand ourselves, others, the world, and the plan God has for us!!

So now after being feed amazing uplifting information all weekend long at the TJed Forum and then at church on Sunday I feel more power to tackle my problems, improve my situation, and make my life even better than it was before.

Oh this is getting really exciting!!!


Nanette said...

Praise God for His faithful wisdom and understanding! Thank you, Andee for continuing to share your inspiring journey to be ALL that God created you for!! I too am grateful for the understanding that choosing to govern our lives by true principles applies to a multitude of areas, and THAT is where we experience Life More Abundant!! :)

Tricia said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts, Andee! I had such an awesome weekend and wish we were neighbors! Thanks for coming up for this. I, too, am pondering my notes and trying to put it all together! Thanks for being such an inspiring friend. You're the best!

Martineau Family said...

Tricia...I wish we were neighbors too!!! Now that would be fun. :)