Sunday, October 10, 2010


After at least a year of my kids begging to PLEASE do Karate, I finally gave in. Why?! Because I figure after asking for that long it isn't a passing phase, and they actually really want to do it. Jarom had researched all types of Karate, and had been teaching the kids about it. So, when I was able to find a Karate studio that was close to our house, had a family rate, and great flexibility with the classes they offered we tried it out.

We started in August and the kids just LOVE it. They always want to go and are practicing their moves constantly at home. In fact they love it so much that Jarom and Megan have created their very own customized at home workouts for themselves. Their instructor told them they really needed to practice and work out at home, and my kiddos took this very seriously. While I was reading to the two oldest tonight Megan was busy doing squats, sit ups, burpies, crunches, and loads of other work out type activities. I just love my kids!!

The last week of September was our first belt testing. Not only did all of them move up a belt (Jarom and Megan to Yellow, and my two little ones to White-Yellow), this now meant that Jarom and Megan could start assisting with the Little Dragon class (Cooper and Hyrum's class). Today was the first time they had a chance to, and they were on cloud 9!! It was so fun to see them out there helping out.

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