Thursday, October 7, 2010

Please can we open The Closet??!!!

These words were music to my ears!!! All week my kids have been BEGGING to be able to use the 'locked' closet. They've looked inside of it (on a few precious occasions to just see what this unattainable 'closet' held). This gave me a GREAT opportunity to explain to them what the closet is, and how we'd be using it. I explained to the kids that we'd be using it in during our afternoon structured family time, but since we were currently on a two week Fall Break that we probably wouldn't start using it until we started up our structured family time again. They were TOTALLY bummed.

So, I made a plan. Monday and Tuesday Scott was home, and the family had a STAYcation, so we didn't have closet time...much to the kids chagrin. Wednesday, was cleaning day (oh yes the kids loved this). So finally today, I had promised the kids it was family day. We would just play together, and so FINALLY it was time to open the closet for its inaugural debut. I said we could do structured family learning time for about an hour, but Megan asked if we might be able to do it longer if we were still having fun after an hour. I said we could probably do that, but I'd have to see. (hehehehe my little plan was working).

So we opened the closet up, and the kids went crazy. They began looking at everything, and each picked out something to do. Megan was interested in learning about it was discovered, how to make it, etc... (I happen to include in the closet a little kit all about chocolate that I've had for months). Jarom was interested in the watercolor book. Cooper took out the Scrabble Apple game, and wanted to play it with me. Hyrum, was so busy looking at everything else he didn't really know what to think, but eventually thought painting sounded fun.

[So what is in my closet?!]







Science experiments, tools, and lots more!!!


In the end we all started out painting. We all sat outside, (okay let's be real my little girls, ages 2 and 3, just played), but the rest of us painted for close to an hour. It was a BLAST!! My visiting teacher even stopped by during our painting session, and joined us for a little water coloring. So, I'm not going to lie...we are really not that great, but boy it was just plain fun to sit with the kids, talk, enjoy the weather, and hang out. It was the experience or should I say process of just being with eachother NOT necessarily the finished product that mattered.

Allison was over for part of the day, and being the super fun aunt she is...she helped Megan learn about, and then make chocolate. Of course this happened during hour 2 or 2 1/2 of our structured family time. I couldn't believe the kids were still going. We had been painting for an hour, then ate lunch, cleaned up lunch and the painting and finally got around to round two of closet time. I was so glad Alli was able to do this...because it allowed me to head outside for a smashing game of Scrabble Apple with Cooper. (Yes these are even more games that are now in the closet).


I think the kids stayed engaged in our Structured Family Time for 3 hours, but finally I had to blow the whistle because, it was getting late, and we had a date with Nana to learn how to crochet. So, off we went to hang out with Nana for a few hours, before we needed to go to the wonderful EVMCO.


All in all I think it was a smashing success using The Closet as a tool to engage the kids to learn, work together, and build relationships. I can't wait for many more successful days with The Closet in the future.

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Mary Ann Johnson said...

You can bet that I REALLY LOVE this blog. WOHOO I love seeing families move forward and I am especially proud that you have made this tool your own, in a way that works for your family!