Friday, August 29, 2008

Brea's new Hair Do!

Last week Scott challenged me to try and do something/anything with Brea's hair. Brea turned one in June. She can walk, has 11 teeth, can climb up and down stairs, sings and dances like a pro, but she unfortunately does NOT have much hair yet. (The sad hair situation wasn't helped by the fact that last week Jarom decided to trim her cut little side ponytail...oops!)

So when Scott challenged me I wanted to impress him and demonstrate just how talented I was at doing hair. (I'm actually pretty lame at doing hair.) However, last Saturday I started feeling the creative juices flow at 7am when I was dressing Brea and decided to put Brea's hair in two cute ponytails.

I have to admit I was surprised my little experiment worked. Brea sat still as I combed her hair and at first the ponies were really cute, but by 1:00 when she woke up from her nap the ponytails were pointing straight up and looked more like horns than anything else. I didn't take any photos of that...but I should have because they were pretty funny looking. :) Oh well, some day Brea will have enough hair to actually do something with.

Here is a cute one from the back. See there are actually TWO ponytails!! Pretty cool!!

Brea all dressed, hair done, and eating her breakfast by 7am! Now that's a rare sight.

Cooper and Hyrum were trying to help me get one of Brea smiling during this breakfast photoshoot. Thanks to my two little assistants it actually worked! Thanks boys.


JWilsonPix said...

Awww.. great pics mom!!!! She is soo cute!!!!

My Bree just turned 3 on the 4th of Aug., and she has what we call cotten candy hair.... ;0)

We can sooo relate to the hair issues....

do a zig zag part on the top... and do the two little ponies on the top half of her hair.. leaving the back down.... really cute with little ribbons... ;0)

Hope your having a great day!

Celeste B. said...

Cute! We had a "no-hair-girl". It took a couple years for her to really have any hair. She wore a lot of pink so people would stop calling her a boy.