Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Photos at Last!!

So its REALLY HOT in Arizona right now (I think it was 104 the day we took these photos...of course it cools off in the evening to 99 or so), but I decided it was time to do a family photo with kiddo number 6 anyway!!! Scott was a great sport, and went along with it even though he pretty much hates having his picture taken and REALLY hates being out in the heat. He is such a great husband.

My sister Darby who owns her own photography company, and is totally awesome at taking photos took them for us. I am so lucky to have such a talented sister.

The kids did really really great. And to my surprise all of there were happy and cooperative throughout the entire photo shoot.

I LOVE this one of Megan. She looks so cute...I love the dramatic effect of black and white.
This one really shows off her contagious grin. Megan just sparkles when she smiles. She has such a fun personality and is always willing to help me with anything I need around the house.

This picture of Cooper is one of my favorites. He was asking a classic Cooper question while Darby was taking this picture, and I LOVE how she was able to capture his adorable curious inquisitive look. Everyone loves Cooper's curious personality...its charming!
I love has candid this picture is and how REAL Cooper's expression is...just checking things out.

Hyrum's little smile always brightens my day. I love his cute little eyes, and how they almost disappear when he smiles.
This is such a 'classic' Hyrum face. I am SO glad Darby got this one on film so I can have it forever.
Hyrum's serious side. I love his cute little expression. So typical of Hyrum.

Brea was so busy moving all around that we finally got lucky and found this little wall and hedge. She was stuck and Darby was finally able to get her to hold still and get some awesome photos.

Here Brea is on the move with a mission!
I just LOVE her cute little smile!!! What a sweet little or should I say big sister.

I really really like this one of Jarom. It captures his serious happy side. Jarom has always been such a deep thinker for his age, and I think this picture was able to get that side of him.
Jarom is always full of it (in a good way). He knows so much info about lots of topics he is always teaching me something. Here he is in a teaching moment. Gotta love it!


This little gal has been such a surprise and HUGE blessing to our family. She is two months old now and the cutest little thing you ever saw. I love the sweet innocence captured in these photos. I was worried that it would be hard to get a good photo of Becca, but Darby really came through!! YEA!!!!

{the Family}
Okay its not perfect. Megan was hot, sweating, and VERY itching while we were taking this photo. So she doesn't look that happy. In another photo Megan looks a little happier and I think we are going to take her smile and eyes from that photo and put them on this photo. That will make this about the best photo you can expect with 6 kids in the middle of a HOT August evening. I am just so excited to get a photo with our ENTIRE family of EIGHT! WOW!!!

{the happy Parents}
At the very end of the photo shoot we were running out of light, but we were able to get a few of Scott and I. Aren't we cute? I think we look pretty darn good for having 6 kids 8 and under!!

{the Celebration}

Finally at the end of the photoshoot the kids got to play in this awesome fountain by where we were taking photos. They were excited (and so was I) that we were done taking photos! I am just so happy to have some updated photos to hang on my wall!!!!!!! WOO-HOO! All I have to do now is decide on which ones I want and what size I want them so I can get them printed up for my very bare walls!!! Thanks again Darby!!


Marium said...

What cute pictures. How lucky that you have such a talented sister. Of course it helps that you have way cute kids that make the pictures all the better...! It's hard to capture those cute expressions kids make but she did a good job. I love the one at the end too.

katie said...

GREAT pictures! Where did you guys go? It is pretty impressive to have 6 kids all be looking at the camera and a big plus to have them smiling and looking cute!! Way to go. Glad to have neighbors like you

The Brown Family said...

What darling pics!! I can't wait to see them hanging on your walls! I STILL need to see Becca!! I am the LAMEST neighbor!

Rachel and kids said...

HEy you I'm so glad you have a blog!! I've been looking for you. You're children are precious and darn right you and Scott look amazing for having 6 kids-way to go. I'm thinking about moving to the valley sometime soon. you like your neiborhood? I'm glad I can peek in on your family and see what you guys are up to. Love ya girl. Call me I've got loads to tell you.

Rachel and kids said...

Ok I just read about how you homeschool your kids and how you're organizing everything. You make me feel so lame!!!! you've always been amazing.