Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Ready for Puerto Rico Trip

In October we are planning a trip to visit Scott's parent who are serving as Mission Presidents in Puerto Rico. Thanks to my awesome mom we are only going to take our two oldest. The rest would rather stay at home with Nana anyway. So its a Win Win. :)

As part of our homeschool studies we've started to learn Spanish. I got this great little CD set called Hop, Skip, and Sing Spanish and the kids (okay and me) have been loving it. It teaches you Spanish using little songs and dances. I gotta tell you it's been quite the fiesta at our house lately. Every night we have a little Spanish song and dance performance for Dad when he gets home from work. I know you are amazed...that we can learn a second language so quickly. I guess we are just one smart family. :) I just hope no one in Puerto Rico will mind when we break out in song and dance (since that is how we've been learning it) when we try to speak to them in Spanish. I honestly don't know if I can speak Spanish, but we all can sure sing Spanish! LOL

Hope you enjoy Megan singing Spanish for you! She LOVES it more than any of the other kids. First thing in the morning she turns on the Spanish CD and starts singing!

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Tricia said...

Okay, I'm totally ordering that CUTE!!!! Thanks for inspiring me with your are amazing!