Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer storms and tadpoles...

So yesterday night we had a HUGE monsoon storm hit the valley. I was actually driving home with my six little kiddos from a week in at the homestead (which was glorious), and could see the entire sky lighting up after I got out of the Salt River Canyon. It was amazing to see the sky light up like fireworks were going off and watch the huge fingers of lighting reach across the horizon. Sometimes it was so bright it was a bit distracting and I had to remind myself to stay focused on driving safely.

When I finally pulled into the driveway around 11pm I noticed the strangest sound. After a little investigation we realized it was the frogs. I haven't ever heard anything like it...and it was kind of neat to listen to the chorus of frogs in our subdivision.

This is our first summer in our new home in Queen Creek and Jarom (our oldest) has been hearing stories from the other neighborhood kids about the frogs that seem to appear after monsoons in the greenbelts. So this morning my boys got their Dad to go search for frogs. They didn't find any frogs, but they found TONS and TONS (I'm trying to smile about it as I see jars of them on my kitchen table) tadpoles. Jarom, Cooper, and Hyrum were so excited to show me and can't wait until they start turning into frogs. This afternoon Megan even jumped in on the fun and found some tadpoles of her own.

Here are some more pictures Scott took this morning of the tadpole expedition!

Jarom and Cooper checking out their little creatures.

Hyrum getting in on the fun!Yes they caught them all by hand, and most of them were in the rain gutter on the side of the road.

Cooper finding a little tadpole for mom.Ultimate boy bonding...finding tadpoles after a summer storm.


Celeste B. said...

We heard the frogs too! In fact, we have frogs living in our yard. The dog and the chickens even let them join them and they are all cohabiting pretty nicely.

Love your blog! You have such a cute family.

These Are The Days said...

I love the frog pics. Don't you just love when you capture cute moments like that? Boys are so fun. My two sons wanted to wake up to that but it didn't stay where I live. They love to float things down the "river". Your family pics turned out great. I am inspired to get on it now, we haven't had a professional family pic in like 4 years! Glad I found your blog.