Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Dr. Mom?!

[Nursing School]
Going to school as a nurse taught me TONS of things that I will be forever grateful for...but one of the things it taught me was that a lot of the medicine we take isn't all that good for us. Don't get me wrong I think Western Medicine is AMAZING...especially with emergency situations!!! However, now that I'm a mom, and I'm not working in the hospital I seem to see a lot more cuts, runny noses, coughs, fevers, upset tummies, burned fingers, head aches, bug bites, bruises, sore muscles, ear aches, crying kids, hormonal mom, etc... Which most of the time isn't an emergency situation, and usually something I can't do much about.

I always wanted to do more to help my family with these small...but HUGE things. For instance I've been wanting to help Jarom out with his difficulty getting to sleep, make a burned finger feel better, help a cut stop bleeding, or just get rid of that yucky runny nose (especially when it starts to turn green...ICK!!). But I didn't know what to do most of the time. Then, I started to realize that quite a few of my friends were using these weird things called essential oils to help them doctor up their kids.

I started doing research...what were these oils, why did they work, where did they come from, why wasn't everyone using them, ect... What I found out was amazing. Essential oils have been around forever. They are basically concentrated herbs that are super duper powerful. I just LOVE them. Here are a few reasons why:

[My Proof]
1. Megan was eye, cough, and fever. With the help of my friend Sarah's oils she was better within 24 hours.
2. Becca (who's 2) two days later got even more sick than Megan. She had everything Megan, but even worse, PLUS a terrible green runny nose, and was totally lethargic. Again I called Sarah and she was better within 36 hours.
3. Becca burned her finger on a hot cookie sheet. She was totally crying, (by this time I had purchased a few oils of my own) and so I put some lavender on it. Within 30 seconds she was totally calmed down, and had completely forgotten about it.
4. Jarom got bad allergies, and could barely breath. We finally looked up his symptoms in the oil book, applied some oils, and within 1 hour he was breathing great again, and felt better.
5. Jarom has trouble sleeping, but ever since I've put lavender on him at night he has slept better and tells me every night how much it helps, and asks to please put some on.
6. Brea started getting a running (greenish) color nose. I put some oils on her and within 24 hours it was gone.
7. Scott had sore muscles, and I put some oils on it and they felt tons better.
8. Me...anytime I get a headache(which seems like it happens every day) I put on some oil and my headache is gone within 30 minutes...LOVE IT!!

[Dr. Mom]
I'm sure there are even more reasons why my life as a Mom has been much improved since I discovered oils. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I have something that is totally natural, non-invasive, non-toxic, and actually works that I can use when my family has a little health issue. It brings me peace, and makes me happy knowing that I really can care for my family in a more whole-istic, nurturing way!!! The best part really is that it WORKS!! WOO-HOO!!


Anonymous said...

NOT to mention the annoying and time consuming doctor visits!!! We finally invested in Peppermint and Tea Tree oils. They seem to work for just about everything at our house. =] Baby steps.

Angie said...

Do you mind doing a follow up post with some links about your research (if possible and tips on where to get them?

Martineau Family said...

Angie...I'd be glad to put up some information about the research I've done on oils. I still feel like I don't know much...but its exciting to be learning about them. :)

Nanette said...


Ranee said...

We are LOVING our oils! Amen to lavender oil for sleep issues! Lynzie has a chronic, severe sleep disturbance! Lavender helps her sleep most nights, now! In fact, I put lavender oil on all of the children and myself, at night! Zoie used to have issues with insomnia, and doesn't anymore! Melaleuca and Helichrysim work awesome for Josh's eczema! And due to a surprise trip to the E.R. with Lynzie last week, I went without sleep and got sick. Oregano oil kicked the sickness overnight, and I was back to myself the very next morning! :0)

Mindful Mothering said...

Our family loves doterra! We've been using them for... wow, going on two years. Glad your family is enjoying them :-)