Thursday, October 9, 2008

Corn Dogs and Fall Break

{fall break}
Do homeschoolers have fall break? I had never thought about it until this week...

Monday the two oldest had horseback riding lessons. Scott was flying out and asked me to run him to the office after I dropped them off at lessons so he could get a ride with Clate to the airport. When I got back to the house after dropping Jarom and Megan off at lessons I looked in the back yard and saw Cooper with two neighbor friends playing. I was perplexed. Weren't they suppose to be in school? Then it hit me...fall break.

I have to tell you I hadn't planned on having fall break when I was visualizing my week, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. We have the best neighbors and an awesome cul-de-sac to play with them in. So if the kid's friends are playing we know about it and how can I possibly tell them 'No' to playing. Most of my kids (maybe even all of them) are core phasers and the main jobs of a core phase child is to; work, play, and learn core truths (right/wrong, true/false, good/bad) right? So its important for them to socialize and free play. (Of course its also important to expose them to many academic concepts too.)

I guess what I am trying to say is that this week I had to keep stopping myself from being frustrated that I hadn't gotten more done with the kids. The truth of the matter is we got a lot done, just not what I thought we'd do, and not in the way I thought we'd do it. I am still a bit angry with myself I didn't do a better job this week at inspiring my kids to realize that having a break doesn't mean we are entitled to be entertained by electronic devices all day. I need to work on being more inspiring with my kids.

All that put aside we did accomplish some important things...we perfected our skills of playing with others, resolving conflict, and sharing. All good things. I just need to focus on finding joy in the journey! I also need to realize that the journey I have planned in my mind isn't always the journey that I am suppose to take.

Parenting my children with love and the spirit is my only hope to be the kind of parent I need to be so we can all find joy in the journey and each recognize our divine and eternal nature.

{corn dogs}
So Monday I quickly shifted gears and soon we had played with most of our next door neighbors. It was a party. For lunch Megan ate over at Maddie's, Jarom ate over at Tanner's, and Koen ate with us and enjoyed some tasty corn dogs. I don't know what it is with boys and corn dogs but they all seem to just LOVE them.

Cooper isn't sad. He just likes to make silly faces for the camera.

{Growing Up}
I can't remember which night this was, but one evening this week all our neighbors were out chatting in the front with all the kids ridding around and Brad came out with a wheelbarrow of broken up cement. All the little boys were eager to help unload the cement into the trailer. What a hoot. It wasn't long before someone was hurt and crying.

Jarom is turning into such an amazing helper. I am beaming with pride as I type this because I have recently been so impressed with the way he is stepping it up. I am so grateful because I have really needed the helper around the house. He is such a good boy and responds to my requests quickly and usually without complaint.

One night this week Jarom did most of the work needed to prepare dinner for the whole family. Scott and I did help out, but for an 8 year old I thought he rocked. What a little man he is turning into.

{grass reseeded}
On Wednesday we reseeded our lawn with 'winter' grass. I LOVE LOVE winter grass, but I hate the two weeks of keeping my kids off the grass so the kids don't ruin the seed. What a would be really nice if the same grass could grow all year. Wouldn't that be something! I have to laugh because until I was in High School or Jr. HS I really thought that everyone no matter where they lived had to reseed for winter grass. What a sheltered life I led. :)

Today was day 1 of staying off the grass. It went okay, but this morning the kids couldn't help but jumping over to the swing set and walking on the grass to get to the swing set. So we moved the energetic little kiddos out front to the cul-de-sac. A family down the street came down and played with us and before we knew it most of the kids on our street were out playing with us. SO FUN!! I was just grateful it kept the kids off the grass so I didn't have to keep after them about that.

{Megan rides again}

Megan learned to ride this summer at the homestead using at little 12 inch tire bike. When she got home were so proud she could ride without training wheels that we got her her own bike. The tires were bigger than the one she learned on so that was a bit scary, but the fact that it got so hot after she got back from the homestead, and I had a newborn made it almost impossible for her to practice from the last 3 plus months. Today she decided it would be different from here on out, and convinced Jarom to help her put her training wheels back on so she could practice. About 10 minutes later she convinced him to take them off because she was ready to ride with only two wheels. What a girl!

With a tiny bit of help from me and Jarom she was up and riding on two wheels in no time. She was tickled and little surprised that she remembered how to do it after such a break.

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Jess the photographer behind the lens at JWilsonPix said...

Break?? Theres time for a break?? My kids always complain that we still do school even when other kids are not in school.... Im mean tho... I make them still do something before turning them loose... heehee... Looks like you guys had some fun!