Monday, October 13, 2008

Learning is Life!

On Sunday Scott and I were on a long boring plane trip with our two oldest children. So I was surprised when I looked across the aisle and Jarom and Scott were literally cracking up. I was tickled to see them having such a great time together! However when I saw they were reading Jarom's very cool math book Life of Fred I couldn't help from smiling. They were giggling and having a wonderful time learning math. They read, laughed, and worked on math for 20-30 minutes before stopping...took a couple hour break...then spent another 20 or so minutes reading and working on math again. We were on vacation, but it didn't mean learning couldn't be taking place. I wish I had learned math with a smiling laughing teacher. AMAZING!!! What was equally cool was the bonding that was taking place between Jarom and Scott!

Learning is life and life is learning!

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Anonymous said...


My kids have been watching a dvd of the very old "My Turn On Earth" musical. "Where on earth can I find heaven????" You found it. Stay . . . If you've heard the music, that will make sense. OK, I'm rambling.

BTW this is my very first comment on someone's blog. I could not have refrained myself.