Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jarom Turns 9 in Puerto Rico!!!

So today was Jarom's 9th birthday. He revealed to me just now as I was writing this that he was a bit worried that his birthday wouldn't be really fun hanging out with a bunch of boring adults. However he then told me that it turned out to be one of his favorite birthdays yet!! WOO-HOO!

So today is Sunday not exactly an ideal day for a 9 year old to have a birthday bash. Jarom was a super sport though, and didn't complain even once that he couldn't understand much of anything during church (since we went to a Spanish speaking ward for church with Scott's parents who are mission presidents here in Puerto Rico).

In fact Megan and Jarom both bravely went to Primary even though they couldn't understand much of what they were saying. They were so brave! When we got home they told us they sang 'Hello Hello' to them in Spanish. They thought that was great. They recognized the tune, but not the words. Oh how I wish we could speak Spanish!!!!

After church Grandma made us all a very yummy birthday lunch which happened to be one of Jarom's favorites Fettuccine Alfredo. He was in HEAVEN!! To finish us up Tenery whipped up a Confetti Chip Yellow cake also a favorite of Jarom's. After that Jarom was feeling pretty happy, and declared this birthday was turning out to be pretty great!
After our birthday feast and a short nap we headed out on a beautiful Sunday drive to experience a little more of Puerto Rico. Everything is so green and we were loving the scenery. WOW!! We made a short stop at an amazing beach that was full of surprises. Jarom of course immediately started exploring and looking for little creatures. It didn't take long before Scott and Jarom found some crabs, sea urchins, and a few other little sea creatures. His birthday was turning out to be better and better by the minute. Finding and catching animals is something Jarom LOVES!!!!

Right before Jarom let these two little critters go we took a picture of his light and dark crabs. We saw a couple really large crabs as well, but they were never able to ever catch those. Oh well...probably better anyway. I would have hated to have had either of them hurt by a crab.

To finish off Jarom's perfect birthday he decided to set a goal to capture 9 Coqui Frogs one for each year of his life. We all kind of smiled at him since the one that Jarom had been able to catch the first night we were here was the first one caught alive at Grandma or Grandpa's house.

No worries...Jarom changed all that, and with a little help from others holding flashlights he was able to find and catch 9 Coqui frogs. They are the cutest little frogs and are only found in Puerto Rico. One of the most unique things about them is the sound they make. Its not your run of the meal no. They make the most unusual bird like sound 'coke-ee' (like their name). I don't think Jarom will ever forget the nine Coqui frogs he caught on his nineth birthday.

Its been such an amazing trip so far! Its hard to believe we only have 3 more days before we fly home. Megan and Jarom have been excellent traveling companions. I've really enjoyed hanging out with them and Scott for the last week. What a blessing to have the opportunity to come visit Scott's parents here in Puerto Rico. Its so inspiring to see them working so hard and be so devoted and committed to missionary work.


Jess the photographer behind the lens at JWilsonPix said...

Well Happy Birthday Jarom!!! It sounds and looks like a great time!! WooHoo on the 9 frogs!!! ;0)

Rachel and kids said...

phew! Ande you sound so determined and focused. I really envy everything you are accomplishing personally and for your family. When everything settles down in my life I'd like to look more into that new school of yours. Happy Birthday buddy! and yes he will never forget catching those 9 frogs in puerto rico!! Great memory!!

Rachel and kids said...

I've got to fix my comment name!