Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rocking and Rolling

{More Airplanes}
Last week Jarom got the whole crew creating paper airplanes again. It was super fun, but boy oh boy is my printer paper disappearing like mad. Oh well its all in the name of learning. To my delight he also started reading more out of our How Airplanes Work book because he wanted to understand how airplanes work so he could design new original paper airplane models that flew better based on what he learned. Aren't kids awesome!!

So just like Dr. DeMille said it would happen it started happening and pretty soon one subject blurred into the next subject and Jarom called me over to talk about sonic booms. We had a great conversation and then he wanted to try out this really cool (and simple) experiment that showed how sound is really a bunch of vibrations.

We took a glass jar covered it with that press and seal stuff and then put a thin layer of sugar on it. Then he got a spoon and metal pan of mine (that is now dented and ruined) and started banging it by the glass jar. The sugar would bounce every time he banged his pan. All the kids got totally into it and we had a great lesson on how sound works. I just love when learning takes place like this!!!

{Snowballs in Arizona}
Last week Scott took the kids for a little treat on Friday after work and let me chill at home with the two little girls. It was a nice break and I enjoyed sitting in our backyard the entire time he was gone. The weather is getting so nice and I remembered why I allow myself to go through HOT summers. Its so I can enjoy 8 months of perfect weather!!!!

Anyway when they got back from Bahama Bucks they brought with them a box of snowballs. I had to laugh...only in Arizona do snowballs come neatly packaged in a labeled box. I think we had a dozen snowballs which were gone in a few minutes, but we sure enjoyed ourselves. What a hoot!

{Conference Weekend}
I didn't stress to much about making the kids listen to conference this past weekend. Maybe next year I'll try and get Jarom and Megan to listen to the Saturday sessions. This year we were just glad to have them play in the back yard so we could try and listen. Here are some of the kids and us chilling between sessions on Saturday.

{Gardening Queen}
Okay so not so much...but I have a goal to someday be a gardening queen. For right now I'm content using starter plants in my small raised planters. Hey its a start and I am headed in the right direction. So on Saturday Meg, Jarom, and I headed out to the nursery and picked up some nice vegetable and fruit plants. I planted them on Monday and am crossing my fingers they will grow us some nice fruit this fall season. We'll have to wait and see.

{Irish Twins}
Brea and Becca are only a year and 5 days apart. Practically Irish twins. I know its going to be a blast in a few years, but right now its just plain tough a lot of the time. I can't even imagine how difficult it is having twins. Just for the sake of documenting it, I took a picture of Brea's favorite thing. Stopping Becca while she is swinging, taking out her pacifier or bottle, and petting her head. All things Becca finds quite upsetting. My saving grace is that with 4 older siblings Brea is often occupied trying to keep up with them and forgets about Becca. What a blessing that she has older siblings to keep her busy.

{My Dream is A Reality}
There are different types of people in this world and I am definitely an OUTSIDE person!!! I find peace, am able to relax, and for some reason feel rejuvenated when I am outside. That is why our new backyard, awesome patio furniture, and cool weather equals one happy momma!

This morning we all enjoyed our breakfast outside. I would be outside from morning to night if I could be. There is nothing better than watching your kids play while enjoying cool fresh air, a little sunshine, and comfy chair.


Mindful Mothering said...

Looks like your family is doing great! We let the kids play outside for a lot of conference too. I think I got a lot more out of it:-) I love that you can eat breakfast with the whole family outside! I was inspired by your family board idea and made a really simple one, so far I am glad I did - it's a great reminder for what we are trying to accomplish:-)

RPH said...

Do you have room for a few more people in your house? It looks like you are always having so much fun! I wish we could join you.