Friday, July 25, 2008


I have been terrible at cooking lately. I just don't feel inspired to turn on the stove and get something all whipped up for the family to enjoy for dinner. So I decided I needed to change that. I do enjoy cooking, and love preparing a tasty meal...when I am organized, know ahead of time what I am cooking, and have all the ingredients in the house.

So Megan and I formed a plan. We went through all the cook books I have and tore out or retyped the menus we like. Then we consolidated and put all the meals we wanted to make into one notebook.
Starting next week we are going to work as a team to tackle the evening cooking. We are even going to make a Cookbook Journal to record or efforts. Here is the plan. After we make the meal we are going to take a picture of the finished product. Then before we go to bed we will make one page in our cookbook journal using the picture, recipe, and a little description of us making the food. I think we'll also document us shopping and put that in the book too. How fun!! I can hardly wait.

Emmeline Apron Side OneEmmeline Apron Reverse Side

Emmeline Apron Side OneEmmeline Apron Reverse Side
Check out these fun aprons. I think Meg and I will make some vintage aprons like these to wear while we are cooking. We'll look so cute, and learn how to sew at the same time. I can hardly wait for Monday to begin Project: Cooking!!

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Dan and Alli Ralphs said...

Cute aprons!! Look how organized you are getting.