Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swim Get Away

On Friday and Saturday we had the first ever Martineau Swim Get Away Weekend. It was totally fun. We all stayed the night at The Arizona Grand Resort and enjoyed swimming at The Oasis (their water park). When we got there it was really busy. Thanks goodness Charisse got their earlier than we did!! By the time we got up to the lobby to check in there were 10 or 15 people waiting to check in. However, Charisse was the next one to be helped. We jumped in line with her and she was able to check everyone it. WOO-HOO! I asked the guy checking us in if it was always like this and he said every weekend this summer had been out of control. We could all attest to that when it came time to find a parking spot. I think almost every spot was taken. Eventually we all found somewhere to park, and met in one of two rooms (the only ones that were ready) to get changed into our suits. That was exciting to say the least. I guess everyone was just really excited to get swimming.

Since it was July the resort had a Christmas in July theme going on. (The first night they showed The Grinch Who Stole Christmas after dark while the kids floated in the wave pool.) On the second day a big pile of 'snow' showed up by one of the pools. Of course this turned into a day filled with snow ball fights in the pool and ice sculptures. Here is Jarom with one of his many ice sculpture creations.

Thanks goodness Scott's sisters thought ahead and brought snacks, because I totally blanked on that one. Here Megan is enjoying a little snack after a long day of swimming.

Once we found the 1.5 foot baby pool Hyrum rarely got out of the water. So this picture must have been taken during a quick snack run...but by the look he's giving I am sure he was annoyed that he had to stop for a picture and is on his way back to the pool.
Out of all of my kids Hyrum is the thirstiest kid I have, and his beverage of choice is WATER. So here he is posing during one of his water breaks. Cheers!
Cooper was also a total water bug this weekend. He LOVES being under the water. In fact most of the second day he just floated around the baby pool comming up for a breath only when necessary. I even had a gal tell me that Cooper was scaring her to death because she kept thinking he was drowning because of the way he was floating around on his belly. He is such a great swimmer though I wasn't worried, although, I did keep my eye on him.
Megan shares Cooper's love to be under the water. This summer she has discovered goggles, which has helped her fall even more in love with swimming underwater. Most of Saturday she was swiming underwater with Eliza and Maddie and having a fantastic time.
Here is Cooper getting in on the 'Snowball' fight. Only in Arizona would you ever combine snow and a swimming pool!!
We took this picture right before we left the swim park, so if we look tired and a little burned we are. BUT we had a great time hanging out with Scott's family and enjoying a nice super HOT Arizona summer weekend by the pool. Let's do it again next year!!

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