Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Homestead

A few weekends ago we went to the homestead as a family and had a great time. I mean how can you not enjoy 65 degrees when its over 100 in the valley. Here are some pictures of us hanging out!!
I love this one of Hyrum. He can pull the funniest faces. :)

Here is one of Jarom showing off his new Kung Fu Panda moves. "Bring it on!"

This is our BEFORE picture. (Notice how excited Brea is to be taking a picture. I swear that girl never stops moving!!) I think we'd only been awake for long enough to get dressed and eat breakfast. We forgot to take the AFTER picture. Oh well...just image everyone a few shades browner and you get the picture. The bath water was so dirty it was actually BROWN!! We LOVE the homestead dirt and all. Us city folks don't get enough dirt.
Can you tell who's cute little bottom this is? If you guessed Cooper you'd be right. We (actually Scott was I stayed at the bottom with the two baby girls) were at the rope swing and without warning Cooper pulled his pants down and started peeing right by the tree. What a crack up!!
Here is Jarom showing off at the rope swing. He had a blast and was fearless. Eventually Cooper and Megan took a turn too, but we only got video of them so I can't post it until I figure out how to post video.
This is Megan before taking a swing on the rope swing. She was a little nervous about flinging herself over the side of the mountain, but eventually with the help of Dad she did it. I was so proud of her!!! GO MEGAN!!

Don't you just love these fighting pictures? Boys will be boys!!!

Here is a link to more photos from our homestead trip!! Enjoy.

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