Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Perfect Night

So its 10:10 and we are still up (I mean the kids and all). Does that make me a bad mom? Oh well if it does...sometimes its worth breaking the rules! Anyway like I said the kids and Scott are still playing in the backyard I came inside because I just had to blog these pictures and tell you about the perfect night its been.

We had Mac 'N Cheese for dinner which most of you would say how in the world can that be part of a 'perfect night.' I say it was because everyone ate their entire plate with no complaints. PERFECT!! Then we ate pop cinnamon rolls for dessert. Can you say delicious?

Then for the next two hours we've been playing outside in our backyard. Its probably only 90 so it feels cool to us compared to the 100 degrees its been hitting during the day. Our evening outside began with Cooper challenging me to a race around our backyard track. What a crack up! I totally lost...I am so completely out of shape. However that is going to change soon. (More details on my weight loss/get in shape plan soon.) Then everyone got into the races. Eventually we got more sophisticated and pulled out the stop watch and started timing everyone. It was pretty funny when Jarom and Scott's time were the same. I guess Mom and Dad both need to get in shape.
(above: the kids cutting out their newly invented cardboard Frisbees.)

The races ended abruptly when Scott threw a piece of cardboard (from our patio furniture boxes) like a Frisbee and it went over the back fence (its a green belt thank goodness). All the kids thought that sounded like fun and started making their own cardboard Frisbees. Eventually we all ended up riding bikes around the backyard track again. Oh what a perfect night!! We all had a ball and enjoyed eachothers company so much. That is what you call good old fashion fun. (Oh the backyard was even more fun thanks to our patio speakers that were playing John Mayer. He is our favorite chill singer right now. Scott and I think everything is better with a little back ground music.)
Hyrum getting ready to throw his new cardboard Frisbee...

The follow through...Watching in awe as the cardboard Frisbee flies...
Cooper getting ready to launch his Frisbee...
Watch out here come a determined Frisbee thrower... Doesn't Cooper look a bit angry no I think its more determined...right?
Here's the crew getting ready to launch their newly made cardboard Frisbees across the backyard...
I loved this picture. Even though its not totally in focus its so great to capture their reaction after they threw the pieces of cardboard. Don't they look happy!! I think its so funny that we spend hundreds of dollars on expensive toys and then our kids end up playing with the remains of the cardboard boxes the backyard furniture came it.
I had to get a couple of Scott working on finishing up putting the chairs together. What a great husband!! He's determined to get our backyard looking like a million dollars.
Here is another one of Scott working on the chairs. The reason I put this on here is because he's looking up at the kids standing on our upstairs balcony throwing the cardboard Frisbees off into the backyard. Isn't that funny...the things kids think of.
Look at all that cardboard. Want to make a cardboard Frisbee? I think we have enough to make one for everyone in our neighborhood. To bad that won't happen. First thing we are doing once we get Scott's truck back is taking a load to the dump to get rid of all the packaging from our new backyard furniture.
This is kind of random picture, but I thought it was so cute I had to post it. Hyrum is showing me his new Frisbee creation. I just love how you can only see his little eyes peering over it.
And how could the perfect night end without Megan licking the frosting off the cinnamon roll pan, getting yet another drink of water, and doing a final good night pose. I love Megan!!

Tonight reminded me of what is really important in this life. FAMILY!!! One of my goals is to spend more quality time with them making real connections with my kids and husband. That is why tonight was the perfect night. I made real connections with them just by hanging out in the backyard.

UPDATE:: I'd better go get the kids to bed. Its now 10:40 and I think they are all inside now, and are in the other room playing the Wii. It's officially way past their bed time. Good night.

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