Monday, March 2, 2009


Darby recently commented on how few pictures I post of Brea. I hadn't thought of it really, but she was right. A lot of times I happen to pull out the camera while she's napping. So this post is dedicated to cute, amazing, funny Brea. She's been such a light in my life!

Things started out a little rough with Brea. I was put on bed-rest at 32 weeks because she was so anxious to get here. Thank goodness my will was stronger than hers (may be the last time I win out though...I can hardly say no to her cute little face) and I kept her in until 37 weeks. She was a beautiful baby and sweet as could be. However, she had a severe gastric reflux problem, and spit up tons of food which made for a sad messy baby and a sad smelly mom. After trying different medicines, special formulas, and even getting a few tests run (none of which helped) she eventually (around a year old) grew out of it.

Brea is her own little unique person. I LOVE that about her. She is my only child that's had to get tubes put in both her ears. I think she had ear infections for 3 months straight and was on like 6 or 7 different antibiotics before the doctor finally suggested getting tubes put in. CRAZY!! Thank goodness that we haven't had a single ear infections since. WOO-HOO!

Brea is my little quiet spitfire. She is starting to talk more and more each day which is exciting. However, she isn't afraid to quietly sneak out of sight, start exploring, and frequently makes a nice little mess of things.

One of her favorite things to do right now is ride on her 'wiggle car.' She knows exactly which car she likes best its one of our oldest wiggle cars that's a faded red color, and she'll always choose that particular car over the nice new shiny red one I got her for Christmas. The funniest is when one of her siblings tries to switch her cars or sneak in a turn. Brea's one strong willed girl and makes sure they get off ASAP! She can scoot pretty fast on her wiggle car, but I can tell she can't wait until she can keep up with the older kids on a bike. What out world here comes the unstoppable Brea!!

I feel so blessed to have this precious angel in my family!! I love you Brea!!!


darbs said...

i love that b :)

Martineau Family said...

I do too! I am so glad you mentioned that I didn't have many photos of her, because I didn't even realize it. I guess I always pull the camera out when she is taking her nap. LOL!! Can't imagine why. :)