Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time to look myself in the mirror...

{Self Portrait}
I took these photos on a whim one day when I was messing around with the camera...oh yes and because it was fun and made me start feeling like a teenager again like Scott's sister Tenery who's always taking self-portrait photos of herself...LOL. However, about the time I really started to lose myself in it I felt a tug on my pants and I was reminded of reality. I am a mother to 6 beautiful and very active kiddos. (I think the tug was from Hyrum need assistance to pee)

{Time to look inside}
However, my post today isn't going to focus on my kids or my potty training struggles with Hyrum. No instead its going to focus on me. I've been thinking for a long time about all the things I struggle and am weak at. Instead of getting frustrated (and overwhelmed) about all of these things its time to refocus and methodically figure out how I can get better at the things I feel are important for me to improve on.

I believe there are seasons in life that we naturally go through. I haven't always really believed this, but as I have recently come to understand and embrace this concept I have begun to realize that life isn't about getting to the finish line...its about making it through those seasons, learning, and getting ready to go through another season. I'm starting to think about life as a series of cycles we go through instead of as a linear race where things are conquered and forgotten in our past as we try to conquer the next thing (not always allowing us to learn from the last battle/event/experience). So with this new perspective I am ready to slowly and 'intentionally' progress and improve. Realizing there is a time and season for everything.

{the first list}
So here is my initial list of things I want to improve on. Its not a list I spent much time on yet...just the first brain storm of my many life to dos.

1. Get my life more organized
2. Establish a better daily routine with my kids
3. Figure out how to get the laundry actually put away into the kids drawers
4. Create a meal system to plan/shop/cook my meals for my family
5. Start exercising!!
6. Teach my children to work
7. Create a master inspire plan for me and my kids...where do I want to be a year from now and how am I going to get there?!
8. Study the scriptures more consistently so I am more prepared for my gospel doctrine lessons
9. Be more inspiring
10. Wake up earlier!!
11. Try to not get overwhelmed with so many goals that I get paralyzed and don't do anything :)

{step two}
Now its time to make a plan and start moving forward with the BIG perspective and focus. I am excited and ready for the adventure and peace this new journey will bring!!


Dan and Alli Ralphs said...

Love all the post! I haven't checked for a while, Brea is a doll and the pinewood Derby pictures are cute! Love the twinkie with oreos! Awesome idea! And I love the insight on becoming who you want to be. It is hard to find out how to grow and learn and also still be the mom that you want to be. I am excited to see you soon!!

These Are The Days said...

I'm right there with you. I've been getting overwhelmed and frustrated. I've really been trying to focus on somethings that I need to improve on w/ myself. This homeschooling thing is quite the experience. I love it but it is very challenging to jugle it all and not get frazzled along the way. I'm enjoying this blog break (though I've been reading a few a day), to use my time getting more organized, energized, & spiritually fed so that I can make a clear choices as to what direction to go next school year. I only have 3 kids and I'm struggling...don't know how you do it. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Andee--you rock! Had a blast at the family talent show on the front porch tonight! Thanks for being amazing, and for your extra, creative patience lately.



Brittaney said...

I loved your "Me" post. I am right there with you. I have decided for me I am going to focus on finding Joy in the journey of life like Pres. Monson said at conference and try to simplify the things in my life. I loved all the pictures of your fantastic kiddos. The lawn mower looks fun!! Let me know when you want to get together and cook all those meals. I can't wait.

RPH said...

Love those pictures! I always wondered what kind of camera you use...

And what a great post!

Martineau Family said...

I use a Cannon 40D with a 50mm fixed lens and I shoot on manual most of the time to get more depth of field. Thanks to Darby for the shooting tips and tricks!

Martineau Family said...

Scott says I look kind of funky in my self-portrait pictures...oh well...I guess I do. But that's what you get when you're shooting yourself in the mirror. FUNKY!! :)

Stephanie said...

Andee, I don't know if you remember me - Stephanie Porter from the old Trend neighborhood, and I think it is you or your hubby that is a Whiting? I fell upon your blog from a homeschooling email I just received. I had no idea you guys are out in Queen Creek to.. email me if you get a chance at! Love your blog!! Such a cute family!!

Martineau Family said...

Stephanie I do remember you!! I sent you an email hope you got it.