Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pinewood Derby

{All on his own}
Jarom totally rocked the pinewood derby contest this year. He got 1st place twice, 2nd place twice, 3rd place once, and 4th place once. When it was all said and done Jarom ended up getting 6th overall!! WOO-HOO! However, that's not the best part. The best part was that he did his car pretty much all on his own. AWESOME!!!

The only help he got was when I took him to Hobby Town and helped him pick out paint, stickers, and a few accessories. Oh and we also got a wedge shaped block of wood since I had ZERO idea on how to cut that square block of wood into any type of shape without cutting off my finger or something like that.

{Best Hot Rod}
He also got the 'Best Hot Rod' award and it was awesome. His leaders really went all out on the awards and the refreshments.

{Edible Pinewood Derby Cars}
I think the kid's favorite part were the super clever refreshments (Twinkies with Oreos for wheels) that looked just like a pinewood derby car. He has the best leaders!!!

{Love You}
I am so proud of you Jarom, and the determination and confidence you had to just do it!! You are so awesome son. I am so grateful for you...you make being a mom easy. THANK YOU!!

{Crash and Burn}
You might say we had so much fun at the pinewood derby we crashed and burned. At least that was the case with Brea. She had so such a good time that she ended up falling asleep before it was all over. What a fun day for the whole family!!

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Christy said...

Hi! Normally I wouldn't leave a comment for someone I don't know, but if it makes you feel better, I used to be in Brad and Brigett's ward. Anyhow, we are getting ready for our pinewood derby and I loved the idea on refreshments. I was also wondering how it was decorated. This is my first pinewood derby so any info would be much appreciated. You can reach me at rcbrewer_@hotmail.com or rcbrewer.blogspot.com Thanks!