Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goats, and Kids, and Ducks, OH MY!!

{our baby goat is born}

Okay its not exactly our baby goat, BUT it was born on our property. Does that count? This morning I was cleaning up breakfast while the kids were out feeding all the animals when in rushed Jarom carrying a baby goat. He had an excited grin on his face and explained that he'd been heading out to feed the chickens when Jorge our neighbor called to him. 'Have you see the baby goat?' Jarom was confused at first but then he realized what Jorge was talking about. Let me back up and explain. A few weeks ago Scott got talking to our new next door neighbor and explained to him our massive weed problem. I'm not sure exactly what happened after that, but somehow we ended up with one of his goats to help 'manage' the problem. I LOVE IT!! Only in the country do you borrow your neighbors goat to eat your weeds. The goat he let us borrow was pregnant and I figured he'd take her back before she was ready to have her baby, but much to our surprise and delight he let her stay with us!!! So last night we had a baby goat delivered on our property!!! WOO-HOO!! I never thought I'd say that. :)

Its the cutest little thing ever and so sweet!! Its black and has a gentle personality.Momma goat is super protective but is comfortable enough to let us come pet and spend time with the new little one. We haven't named her yet...but we'll have to do that soon. Jarom is hoping that Jorge will let us buy the little goat eventually and keep it for ourselves. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

{3 little ducks come waddling back...}

Two weeks ago I had a homeschooling conference I went to. My mom watched Becca and Scott took the other 5 with him to Jarom's pinewood derby race and as I later found out to the San Tan Feed Store. We had finally gotten our garage cleared out of chickens since they had all gotten big enough to graduate from the heat lamp in the garage to the coop in the backyard. on my drive home I was getting excited knowing that I could finally park my car in our non-stinky non-chicken filled garage. Much to my surprise when I arrived home that Saturday evening I was shocked to find three (totally adorable) ducks in our garage. And they were STINKY!!! Thank goodness they were cute.

The kids explained that whole thing to me. Dad was a sucker. They had gone to the feed store to get some more chicken feed and an auto-watering thingy for the horse. The kids spotted the ducks right away and started playing with them, and Scott couldn't help himself and just had to get three to bring home.

Now I admit they are the cutest things you've ever seen!! But my goodness...they do stink...they sure love water...and they are MESSY!! Tonight will be there first night out in the chicken coop. I hope they make it, don't freeze, or get hurt by the other chickens. I'm kind of worried!! So even though I've been complaining a bit about them, and have harassed Scott about them lots, I fell in love with these cute little creatures the first time I saw them waddle around. What a hoot!

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