Sunday, March 15, 2009


{Project time}
My sister Allison was in town last week so we decided to do a few projects! One project was to finish sewing some aprons we started last time she was down around Christmas. When she was down at Christmas on a spontaneous whim we left the kiddos with my mom and ran over to JoAnn's and purchased 8 or 10 different some what coordinating fabrics that we planned on piecing together to make cute aprons out of. We didn't have a pattern or even a plan of how we were going to do this, and neither of us were that great at sewing. However, we had our mom who is a great seamstress who we knew would take pity on us and help. We had a ton of fun, and I'm almost done with the aprons...but I forgot to take pictures of the finished products. I'll have to do that and get those posted. I am in LOVE with them!!

{Project+Megan=Mission Accomplished}

Megan's one determined little girl! Once she puts her mind to something she follows through and sticks with it. That was totally the case with her apron project. She sewed and ironed every piece of fabric together on her apron. What a rock star! I love you Megan and admire your perseverance.

I love this picture of Megan. She was concentrating so hard to keep the edge of the fabric on the right line so the stitch stayed straight. I am still amazed that she sewed her own apron. WOW!!


Megan really got into ironing! She became a pro at the squirt bottle and loved making sure every seam was pressed open perfectly.


Jarom's first project was his man apron, and with Nana's help they were done in no time. So Jarom moved on to making Happy Birthday cut out in fabric...really amazing! He did a really good job, and started sewing the words on another piece of fabric. Once he was done with that he moved on to creating a customized carrying case for his DS. Jarom is quite the creator/inventor type...I just love watching him problem solve something. He is so bright and creative!! Love you J!

{the little ones+anything=chaos}

During the first morning we were sewing we had 10 little ones running around the house and it was pretty exciting to say the least. Here's a little glimpse of the trouble they kept getting themselves into. Between feeding them and keeping them out of danger it was tricky to find time to sew!! LOL!! However what can you expect when you get together with other mothers who have lots of little kids? I've come to learn this is just the way it is, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have to admit I was surprised at how much we accomplished despite the distractions!! It felt great.


Thelissa said...

love to see those aprons...
Ande-you are amazing.

Mindful Mothering said...

Great job Megan and Jarom - what a great project... thanks for the inspiration!