Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Having a plan...and living life!

Having a plan with my life is making all the difference. It makes everything easier, because I've already made most of the decisions I used to have to make on a daily basis. Two examples are work and school. At the beginning of this year I made a plan and then wrote it down. (I think the writing it down has been key for me.)

I decided that my kids were ALWAYS going to work before we did school, and that I was going to stop doing their chores for them. Its been three weeks now, and we haven't missed a weekday yet!! The kids are starting to just do their jobs without asking why or complaining. I knew it would work, but to see it happening in my home is stinking exciting.

I also decided that we were going to be consistent with the amount of 'school' time we did each day. In order to give me the best chance of success I implemented a few things.

1.) I started making daily schedules and study suggestions. This has helped me plan out the day and be realistic with what we can accomplish.
2.) We started waking up earlier. Getting up and having family devotional right off the bat is so empowering!!
3.) I decided no matter what I'd try my best to inspire the kids to study. Sometimes we haven't started until after lunch because its taken us so long to get our jobs done. Other times we've gotten started late because one of the babies is crabby...BUT no matter what we've done our best and its be AMAZING!! I think it was Charlotte Mason that talked about the power of habits. All I can say to that is AMEN!! Good habits are powerful!!
4.) We changed our TV policy to NO TV during the week. This has totally changed the tone in our home. I can't even describe it, but our home is more peaceful, more satisfying to be at, and more loving than it has ever been before. I am so glad we did this. Its been hard at times to not watch a little CSI or Office, but then I think of what our home has been like for the past three weeks. Then its easy to remind myself that the benefits TOTALLY out weigh the little bit of sacrifice I've given.

Our school room doesn't look like most classrooms. Today Megan insisted on doing her school work with army guys all around her...I was cracking up, but what the heck she was doing her math so I won't complain. :)


With the TV and Wii off I often find my kiddos small and big off playing with their toys for long periods of time. I keep pinching myself, because its almost to good to be true. After 3 weeks of NO TV and Wii during the week we are FREE!!

Brea found the Potato Heads today, and played with them on and off during the whole day. She is SO dang cute!!

The little boys are in love with their Star Wars action figures! Hyrum's gotten a few new ones lately as a reward to re-learn how to poop on the potty. He's been potty trained for a year now, but for some reason regressed and starting having pooping issues. However, I'm happy to say that the Star Wars action figure incentive program has worked wonders. He's completely potty trained again, and has 6 new action figures to boot!!


Today Becca split her head open on our fireplace seating thingy. Thank goodness we already had a ear re-check set up for today. The doctor checked her out and his prescribed a band aid and anti-biotic ointment. So we are good to go!! Look how cute she is!! No little bump is going to stop her from having a good time.


Naomi Martineau said...

You're kids are so adorable! I love this family :] We're down to 1 hour of TV a day, not quite to where you are, but we'll get there!

Idaho Sutters said...

Great blog Andee! Lots of good ideas. Welcome to the TJED Trenches btw.