Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm so excited about this upcoming week!! Why?!

1) Its NOT our first week back to school...which means the kids brains are fairly turned on and starting to think and learn again. So this week should be even more fun than last week, which is hard to believe because last week was fabulous.

2) I'm getting in the groove of making our daily schedule and chore sheets, and I've already made one for Monday!! WOO-HOO!!

3) Nicholeen Peck is coming on Saturday to teach her AMAZING parenting seminar. I CAN'T wait for that. Its going to be SO inspiring...just the boost I need at the beginning of this New Year. (If you want to find out more about it click HERE.)

4) I planned all my menus for the next 7 days, and went shopping on Saturday. So I've got TONS of food in the fridge and in the pantry. WOO-HOO!!

5) This week I'm going to implement mentor meetings into my schedule. Instead of trying to do them on Sunday which we just haven't been able to get to work. We're going to do them with on our family night...which this week is Wednesday (normally we have them on Saturday). Its going to be a great addition to our week.

6) My house and yard got cleaned on I'm feeling very zenful as I approach my new week. I think so much better in a clean orderly home. :)

Its going to be a Fabulous week!!

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These Are The Days said...

Sounds like you are rockin' 2010 so far. Way to go Andee!