Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have to say that its been kind of shocking reading the REAL Pinocchio!! The two older kids and I have been trying to get through it for a few weeks now. Each afternoon we spend about 5-10 minutes reading just a bit from it. What we've discovered is that Pinocchio is very selfish, mean, and sometimes down right nasty. It has been nice to be able to talk to the kids about his behavior, and how ungrateful he is to everyone around him. I think in the end I'll be glad we read it, because of the conversations I've had with the kiddos, but boy oh boy did Disney really change this story up a bit.

Monday UPDATE:: We read Pinocchio some more today, for about an hour, and the kids and I are finally starting to get into it. Thank goodness the little selfish boy is starting to recognize just how lazy and terrible he is, and he wants to change. This is a nice transition for the kids to see. :) I think I'm going to end up liking this book...I hope. Its just been hard because Disney changed the story so much that its very different than what we've heard before.

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