Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am grateful for...

A while back Rachel (one of my best friends from HS) commented on her blog that too many of us only blog about the wonderful things that happen to us and omit all the challenges and struggles we go through. So in honor of Rachel I decided to be REAL and go ahead and post this one on my public blog. So here you go...the down and dirty good stuff. :)

{Go ahead and kick me why don't you...}
Yesterday was one of those down in the dumps, terrible, poor me days. Have you ever had one of those? I felt like I was buried under a huge pile of overwhelm and could only think of all the projects and to do's that I couldn't image I'd ever get to.

I'll admit it...my life is a bit unorganized right now which is totally unacceptable and makes life even harder. Especially because I am trying to do a million things including...trying to figure out where things go in the new house, struggling with getting everything organized, learning all about animal care (I am such a city girl and totally clueless), attempting to homeschool (I am loving this, but its always a struggle), worrying about the fact that I haven't started my garden, trying to slowly build my food supply up so I'm more prepared and following the prophet, stressed out because I decided to sign the kids up for infant survival swimming lessons every weekday for six weeks (which includes the rigors of no food 2 hours before swim lessons and its killing me...ahhh, but its worth it to have peace of mind), struggling to sprinkle in a bit of music and art each week, personally trying to read at least 2 books a month (I should probably be reading right now instead of typing this), trying to squeeze in personal prayer and scripture study every day, and the list goes on and on.

It only makes logical sense that after a while of thinking and worrying about all those things I'd end up a little freaked out...right? Oh and I forgot to mention that I'm also trying to figure out how to cook for 8, become an inspirational mom, and a hot mama for my husband (I've got to start working out and eating better). Shoot! I'm never going to get it all right.

So I am sure you can guess that yesterday wasn't all that of a productive day with those kind of thoughts flooding my brain. I tried to escape from my problems by staying busy and running around, but when I finally came home my little pile of issues was there waiting for me. Don't you just hate that!?

I went to bed early and prayed to have peace and understanding on how to manage my list of projects and to do's, and the Lord has blessed me. This morning I woke up refreshed, peaceful and with the ability to look at my huge (still overwhelming) list of things I need to accomplish with hope and faith. Somehow I feel that I'll be able to get them all done eventually...somehow. Even my kids have been well behaved and got along great all day so my home feels more calm and pleasant. I am so grateful for answered prayers. I still have a huge long list of stuff to get through, but now I actually feel like I might be able to tackle it.

{impossible...to possible}
After that long rant...please forgive me for doing that, but I just had to get it all out, and now I feel even better and more empowered to conquer the world. Yesterday I felt so inside myself and today I feel almost outside myself. That probably doesn't make sense. What I mean is I feel like I am able to look at my unorganized house, huge list of to do's, homeschooling issues, and everything else from an outsider's perspective. You know how its always easier to clean someone else's house...that's kind of how I felt today about my life. I was able to look at everything that yesterday felt impossible from a new perspective and now it feels possible...not easy but something I can do! WOO-HOO!!

After my 'poor me' attitude yesterday I woke up this morning with the feeling that I needed to be grateful for my many many HUGE blessings!! Especially my family...all of whom I LOVE!!! So I am going to take a minute and talk about how grateful I am for each one of them.

(We took these pictures in January at our home with our Apple tree in the background. It felt like fall...this is as close as we get to seasons here is Arizona...notice the apple trees beautiful orange/yellow leaves. So cool! So NOT Arizona.)


Brea is a bubbly spunky ball of energy. Even as a small infant she could not hold still and that attribute has carried on as she's gotten a bit older. Sometimes I feel bad she wasn't able to be the baby for very long, but it doesn't seem to bother her a bit. She just loves on her little sister and keeps right now smiling. She's starting to really talk and its been so fun to see that part of her come alive. I love how girly she is always wanting to wear a necklace or bracelet if she spots one. She's a total Daddy's girl but also loves her Nana, Bompy, and Darby. One of my favorite things about Brea is how she loves to give goodnight kisses to everyone before she heads off to bed. LOVE you!!!


Cooper was named by my dad. We couldn't decide on the right name for our second little boy and when my dad suggested Cooper (a family last name) we thought it fit perfectly to our new little guy. Going with the Grandpa theme we ended up giving him the middle name of Stanley (Scott's dad's name) so he's our grandpa boy. Cooper loves being outside with the animals and riding his bike. He is very independent and doesn't have to do what the other kids are doing just to fit in. He's perfectly fine doing his own thing if he'd rather do that. I'm hoping that means I have no worries about peer pressure. :) Cooper is a funny life of the party kind of guy. Always being silly and making jokes I think he's going to be quite the social butterfly when he gets a bit older. He's also so kind and loving and seems to be keenly aware of other people's feeling and emotions. He loves making other people happy and is willing to give up treats or comfort to make one of his siblings happy. What a sweet boy!!! I love my Cooper.


Hyrum's big smile and fun loving personality are always a hoot! I especially love his little freckles that appeared when he was only two. Hyrum's our most memorable birth story baby...unexpectedly arriving during a 3 night/3 day trip to Ohio. Its a long story...but the short version is he came almost 7 weeks early and Scott and I ended up hanging out in Ohio for almost 3 weeks waiting for him to be discharged from the NICU. CRAZY!! Every since then Hyrum's been full of surprises not to mention a stubborn side that matches his determination to come at the wrong time and wrong state. Hyrum loves his big brother Cooper and Jarom and is a mama's boy...I LOVE THAT!! He's amazingly athletic and super competitive especially with himself. He get really down on himself when he doesn't get something down right the first time. Love you Hyrum!!


Being the eldest of 7 I can kind of relate to what its been like for Jarom to be the oldest in our family, and he is such a great sport and so helpful. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's awesome at entertaining the little ones, and often ends up giving up his treat or drink when one of his little brothers or sisters asks for it. He's recently discovered the wonderful world of skateboarding and is loving it, and also has really taken a liking to golf carts. He's so kind and responsible with all his chores around the house and incredibly knowledgeable about almost anything...but especially animals. His keen mind and thirst for knowledge constantly amaze me. I am grateful for all his help around the house, and for being my buddy!! Love you J-dog!!

{the oldest 4}

Normally we aren't allowed to jump on the couches, but the rules didn't seem to apply when they were out in the middle of the front yard!!! SO MUCH FUN! This is a good illustration of how life is in our home on a daily basis.

{the whole gang}

I love having my kids so close. Even though it gets a bit hectic sometimes...I am grateful for each and every one of them and the friendships they have with each other!!!


When I looked at these pictures I couldn't help but think what a big girl Megan is turning into!! She is so awesome and I LOVE HER to bits. I can still remember when she was born. Dark hair and a loud voice...boy nothings changed. Megan is awesome and so smart and so sweet especially to her two little sisters. She waited a long time to get sisters and she is SO HAPPY to have them finally. I am grateful for Megan and her love of learning. She is really turning into such a great reader which makes my job as a homeschooling mother a whole lot easier. Megan loves to look good and always has me help her pick out her outfit for the day. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!

Our sweet little chunky baby is a DeLiGhT!!! She's been smiling since she was to little to smile...I swear. Even her first little noises sounded like laughing...it was a riot. I have to admit having her only a year and five days after Brea was a bit of a whirl-wind and honestly scared me to death. Most people start spreading their kids out by the time they hit number 5 and 6, but not us. We did the exact opposite, and you know what I wouldn't have it any other way!! I am loving my two little Irish twins and grateful for my girlies. Becca is starting to scoot...almost crawl, and today I caught her trying to pull herself up on one of the couches. Man I am not ready for all this progress because then I'm going to have two little mobile girls who I am sure will always be on the run and getting into trouble. I am loving my little angel baby and so grateful she's part of our family!!!

{the whole Schnepf clan}

My mom and dad's family is sure growing in numbers and I am so grateful for all of my siblings and their spouses and of course my parents. It was so fun to hang out over the Christmas holiday and spend time with all of them!!! I don't know what I'd do without all of their support and love!!!

{the hot couple}

I am so grateful for my amazing husband. He is everything to me and such a support in all I do. It will be 12 years this September and man has time flown. I think we're officially a big family now, and I can't figure out when that happened. It seems like yesterday it was just the two of us and now its the 8 of us. WEIRD!! I don't feel like a mom of 6 and it doesn't feel like its been 12 years. I think I'll be 20 something forever...or at least I am sure I will feel like I'm still 20ish.

Its such a wonderful time to be alive. I know times are tough and kind of dismal right now, but I view this crisis as an opportunity to re-evaluate what's really important in life and get back to the basics. Even though I want to be perfectly organized, always have a perfect house, and a clean kitchen I know that what's really important is my relationship with my family and my relationship with God. If those two relationships are strong and flourishing then everything else falls into place.

I am grateful for my life and I am grateful for the miracle of being able to have an amazing perspective of my life today. Now I know that I can accomplish what's really important even though it might not be on my time table or the way I thought it would be done. With God nothing is impossible.

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