Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What does homeschooling look like right now?

Lately all I have to do to get the kids reading is take the books off the shelves and put them on the floor. It works like magic...I swear!! Here is what Megan was doing at 9am this morning. She found this book, and sat down where she was and started reading it. I LOVE IT!!! The TJed principles work!!

{Our Classroom}
I know it not what most people think a classroom should look like, but with weather as nice as it is right now in Arizona I can't think of a better place than outside to learn right now. We all seem to think better out in fresh air. Every morning I lay out our blanket and spread out the books and the kids and I spend a few hours reading and listening to the birds. To me this is what I call HEAVEN!!!


Yesterday we got a bike trailer thingy that you can pull the kids around in. Its been so fun and we've ween using it like mad since we got it. I don't have my bike yet, so Jarom's been hauling them around most of the time. Although I have jumped on his bike to taken a few kids for a ride (I took Jarom for a ride...it was super fun for him to get a chance to sit back and relax).

Do you like how we are using the 'cargo' space?

I know most of my friends and family think I'm a nut to be homeschooling my kids...but I can't think of a better way I'd rather be using my time right now. Someone once told me your children are only with you in your home for 20% of you lifetime before they're grown and gone. So I am grateful I get to spend most days with them during that 20% instead of sending them away for the best hours of the day. I have grown to love them each more than I realized was possible. Our relationships are richer and sweeter and my dependency on Heavenly Father and my love for Him has increased because of the challenges I face as I homeschool.

I will admit life is a little crazier because I always have my six little kiddos with me, and doctor appointments are...well I won't even go there. I don't get to go to lunch with friends or family, getting my hair done is tricky, and I had to give up getting my nails done because there was no way I could get away for that long. Shopping for groceries only happens at night, and the idea of finding time to get a few things to decorate my home with sounds impossible. Cleaning is crazy, and trying to keep my house picked up all day...well NOT REALISTIC! And what do I have to say to all of this...OH WELL!!

There is a time and season for all things and this isn't my season to have a perfectly clean house, amazingly decorated walls, or a totally quiet home. But it is my time to be a mom to 6 small children and enjoy the journey and adventure that comes with that. Its my time to have lots of noise (at times), a well used kitchen, a cluttered toy room, and lots of amazing little children in my home. Its my time to love my husband and be the best wife I can possibly be (okay so I admit it'll always be my time and season to be doing those two things!!). Its my time to live, love, and enjoy the journey. I am so grateful for the unexpected series of events that led me to homeschooling and the love and understanding its brought me, my husband, and my children. Even though sometimes I wish I could send my kids away for a few hours and get a little quiet time I am grateful for the noise, messes, and a home full of children that hang out with me all day every day!! I love all of you...thanks for making me the luckiest woman alive.


These Are The Days said...

I totally agree. It's hard but such a blessing...won't last forever. :) Thanks for sharing and putting it into better words than I could.

Stephanie said...

DITTO , DITTO , DITTO! Can I cut and paste that into my journal entry for the day. :)
I heart HS!