Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello Boston!! Happy Anniversary!!

Scott and I arrived in Boston yesterday (Tuesday September 2nd) around 4:30. We flew from Phoenix to Dallas then onto Boston. The flight was fine other than the fact that we left Phoenix at 6:15 in the morning...OUCH! (Oh and as if waking up at 4am wasn't bad enough we found out that on American Airlines it now costs $15 for every bag you check...WOW! That was new.) Leaving that early made it tricky to make sure we had all the babysitting stuff figured out. I have to thank my mom for going the extra mile and helping us get those early morning hours covered!! My mom is the best!!

{Enjoying our 'little plates' dinning experience in Boston.}

My sister Darby (who is watching 5 of my 6 kids while we are gone) had an ultrasound at 8:30am to find out what sex her first baby is going to be. That's why they couldn't come out to our house before we left at the crack of dawn. I was so excited to find out when we landed in Boston (via text messaging) that Darby and Jon are having a BOY!!! SO EXCITING!!!! I can't wait to see the little guy. Its always especially exciting to see someone's first baby and find out how the genes are going to mix and who their babies are going to look more like the mom or the dad.

We didn't have that much time to hang out in Boston last night, but from what I was able to see its a really great city with a lot of personality. There is so much history that happened here, and once I learn more about that history I would love to bring my older kids here so we can see the sites with them. This year for our homeschool we are studying 'modern history' which begins in the 1700's. So hopefully by next year this time I'll be well versed in the history of Boston. I sure hope so!!! Its never as fun visiting if you don't know much about the city, its history, geography, etc...

Scott and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on September 11th...WOW!! Its crazy to think its been 11 years. What is even harder to believe is the fact that I am more in LOVE with Scott and HAPPIER with life in general than I've ever been. Who says getting older isn't the way to go is messed up. The older I get and the more kids I've had the better life gets!!! WOO-HOO!!!

A month or so ago Scott told me about his trip to Boston and New York for work that just happened to be the week before our anniversary. He suggested that I come with him and then we could stay a few extra days in NY (after he was done with his Revolution Tour), and celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Of course I was on board, and thanks to my sister and mom who are watching our kids I was able to have a few days of vacation.

Our one night in Boston was spent with the InfusionSoft team that is here for the Revolution Tour. We ate dinner at a cute little Italian Restaurant who's signature was 'little plates.' Basically they kept the prices the same but cut the portions in 1/3. I should have taken a picture to document it. Each of us ended up ordering three 'little plates' to fill us up for the night. The food was great, and from a marketing point of view the concept was impressive. From a budget point of view it was definitely expensive. Oh well everyone enjoyed themselves, and I guess that is all that matters in those situations right?

{Here I am with our 'Water Taxi' driver.}

{Just finished our boat ride.}

One of the coolest things we did last night was take the 'Water Taxi' across Boston Harbor so we could get to Hanover Street which is the Italian District in Boston and full of lots of tasty restaurants. Living in Arizona where its dry, hot, and no ocean bays nearby it was a novelty to take a little boat ride.

Scott is finishing up his Boston Revolution Tour in an hour or so, and then we fly out to NY at 4. He has a Revolution tour in NY tomorrow, and then we are going to hang out in NY for a few days before we head home. I am really hoping we can catch a few shows while we are in NY!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE musicals!!!

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