Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sundays at the Martineaus

So what do we do for fun on Sundays? Usually our home is full of excitement, fun, and a little noise on Sundays.

This past Sunday was really exceptionally great! It was the primary program which was so fun to watch and all the kids especially my own were amazing. But it was the overall relaxed chill atmosphere that seemed to be present in my home that was so memorable and special to me.

{the Balancing Act}
With six little children 8 and under you can hardly expect a quiet moment, and Sunday was no exception. Scott is always so wonderful to play with the kids and this Sunday they talked him into balancing them all on his hands. I was impressed! I sure have one super-hero strong husband no doubt. Of course I couldn't resist the urge to whip out the camera and snap a few photos of the action.

Here are all six of my children youngest to oldest...

Rebecca 3 months old had no fear of falling to her death if Dad's strength failed him. That is what I call TRUST! She is such a sweet gentle little baby. I love her so much, and can't wait to get to know her more as she continues to grow.

Brea 15 months old wasn't really sure what was happening, but didn't want to miss out on the action since everyone else seemed to be wanting to be hoisted up in the air. She is so relaxed which is very uncharacteristic of her. Brea is a little go getter. I love her so much and can't wait to see what she is going to be able to accomplish in her life with her smart determined personality.

Hyrum 3 years old is super athletic and my little dare devil so of course he didn't miss out on the balancing act. In fact he was enjoying himself so much he couldn't help from belly laughing the entire time he was up in the air. It was hilarious. I love his spunky little personality! What a cutie!

Cooper 4 1/2 is my amazingly sensitive kind one. He is so sweet and always sharing and helping others out. He is going to be one amazing person. Here he is shining like the little star he is. Man I love him!!
Megan 6 is also a total daredevil like Hyrum. I couldn't believe Scott could really lift her and then Jarom up. Anyway as you can tell from the picture she is loving it. She loves roller coasters and anything that moves fast and crazy. Sometimes she pretends to be shy, but I know its just an act because she is so out growing and such a people person. Megan has the best smile and sweetest personality. I love her to bits!
Jarom 8 3/4 is my eldest child made sure he got a chance to get in on the balancing act. I love his smile here and was surprised how long he was able to stay up in the air. Jarom is growing into such a handsome, helpful, and kind young man. I am so grateful for his quick whit, creative mind, and kind heart. He help s me out so much and is truly an amazing person. I love him and am grateful to have him for a son.

{Stuffed Animals and the Ceiling Fan}
I am all for creating home grown entertainment so I couldn't get to frustrated with the kids when they started using the fan and stuffed animals to keep them entertained. They would stop the fan place the stuffed animals on top of the blades then turn the fan on and see how long it took for the animals to fly off. They also had fun trying to catch the animals before they hit the ground. What a hoot! They kept at this for over an hour.

{the Talk}
As church time approached we had a dress rehearsal with Megan giving her talk. She did great at home and even better during Primary. I was so impressed with her. She picked her own topic which was The Good Samaritan and practiced until she had it down pat.

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Dan and Alli Ralphs said...

Ande - I love reading about your homeschooling and your life and how passionate you are to be an incredible mom. You've always been the awesome older sister that I want to be like!! Your stories and the insight into your life inspires me to be better! keep up the good work! love ya tons!!