Sunday, September 14, 2008


{Fun with Aunt Darby}
A few weeks ago I went out of town and my awesome sister Darby watched 5 of my kids while Scott and I got away for our 11th wedding anniversary. Every day she would text me multiple times a day letting me know what they were up to and occasionally sending me pictures too. It was so wonderful and helped me relax and just enjoy the vacation rather than worrying about them the whole time.

In fact when we got home I asked them if they missed us, and they said they loved me but didn't really miss us because they were to busy having lots of fun with Darby and Jon. She had planned activities for them to do out of the Family Fun Magazines, scheduled time for my sister and sister in law to come visit, took them to the mall's splash pad, and the list goes on and on. I am so thankful to have such an amazing sister who was willing to create such a fun experience for my kids while I was out of town. Thanks Darby!

Oh and the best part like I said was that she took pictures for me of some of the things they did. Here are a few of them dipping apples in chocolate (or caramel) and sprinkles. YUM!

{Brea eating}
Even though Brea has 11 teeth she's had texture issues since she was a baby and has had a hard time getting use to eating solids. When we were gone to NY Darby helped her get over some of those issues...thanks goodness!!! She started loving eating, and one day Darby said she sat in her booster seat for an hour happily eating. Of course she refused to have any help, which cracked Darby up. I am so glad she snapped this picture of what Brea looked like after and hour of feeding herself. What a hoot!!

{Jarom's sickness}
The day we were returning from our trip to NY City Darby called to let us know that Jarom had come down with a stomach illness of some sort. He had thrown up 6 times in the last 12 hours, and was having trouble holding even water down. Of course I got worried and was grateful when we were able to get an earlier flight home to be with the kids sooner. It took him 3 days before he was able to start eating again, and when he finally requested eggs and jello as his first meal we all celebrated! I was so grateful that he was getting stronger and making a turn for the better! The first thing Jarom asked once he was filling better was when he was going to get his $6. Scott has a deal with the kids that if they are sick and throw up in a bowl, toilet, sink, etc... they get a dollar a throw up. I was totally cracking up the first time he presented the plan to the kids, but it totally works. I am just waiting for one of them to make themselves throw up because they need a little extra cash. :)

{Pokemon Mania Continues}
Yes this is totally random and doesn't quite fit with the rest of this entry, but I wanted to document that all my kids are still obsessed with Pokemon. Here Megan and Jarom are playing the Pokemon Battle game. I have to admit it's a little tricky to play and requires a lot of positive interaction between the two of them. So here's to Pokemon!

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