Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Megan Lost a Tooth

On Saturday (August 30th) Megan lost her first tooth! I couldn't believe it, how can my little girl be old enough to lose a tooth?! She was so excited to be able to finally CA$H in on the Tooth Fairy's generosity like Jarom had a few years before.

I was busy trying to organize our office (that is being transformed into a {project room} )when it all happened, and she brought in her cute little tooth in a zip lock baggie for me to see. We had a good time looking at the tooth together and talking about the money she was about to get from the tooth fairy. Megan had a few ideas about what she thought she'd want to spend the CA$H on, and was really hoping the Tooth Fairy would leave 5 bucks. I assured her that I didn't think the Tooth Fairy could afford to leave every little boy and girl who lost a tooth that much money.

She understood and then left the tooth in the {project room}, and started playing with her brothers in the back room. I went back into organizing mode, and we soon both forgot about the tooth until that evening.

UH-OH! The tooth was no where to be found, and I started having a sinking feeling that I might have thrown the tooth away when I was cleaning out the room.

Of course Megan was devastated, and very worried that she wouldn't be able to CA$H in on the Tooth Fairy. Thank goodness we came up with Plan B. We decided that we should write a little note to the Tooth Fairy let her know what happened then hope she would understand and still leave a little money for Megan to enjoy.

Megan quickly wrote the fairy a note, and went to bed hoping for the best! I guess we'll just have to wait and see how forgiving the Tooth Fairy is when the Mom accidentally threw the tooth away. I am sure she'll forgive Meg and I for losing the tooth and leave a little money for Megan anyway!! Don't you think?

Sorry Megan!!


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