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Homestead Reunion 2008

{The Reunion}
The Whiting Reunions are HUGE!! In August around 1,000 decendents of Edwin and Anna Maria Whiting gathered at the Whiting Homestead for the reunion of the century. Right off the bat I wanted to be sure that I would be able to keep track of my six little kids. My mom was helping out in the 'Cash Store,' and so we labeled Hyrum just in case he got lost someone would know where to take him...what do you think?

{The Villiage}
For this reunion they set up a full on 'Pioneer Village.' We all enjoyed learning more about the way our pioneer ancestors lived when they homestead this wonderful 150 acres. I am so grateful for their sacrifice to homestead this land. It has been such a blessing in my life.

{Horseback Riding}
Since our ancestors rode on horse there was a horseback riding station. The kids got to go for a ride on the cutest little pony, and they were thrilled!!

Of course farm animals would have been a part of pioneer life so there were five or six chickens the kids were allowed to feed, pet, and hang out with. The chickens even laid some eggs for the kids to see. Since us city folks don't get to be around these types of animals much it was a treat to be able to bond with them a bit.

Jarom hand feeding the chickens...very fun!

Cooper was determined to get his hands on this chicken no matter what!

Success! Jarom finally caught one and carried it around like a little prize.

{Sling Shot...Beany Flippers}
Its a long time homestead reunion tradition to have a beany flipper as I grew up calling it contest. Its kind of crazy that now my kids are part of the Flipper Contest instead of me. I am getting old.

The four oldest kids had a blast trying to hit the target with the marbles they were given, and I enjoyed watching them.
Here Megan is getting all set to hit her target. Doesn't she look focused! What a cutie...even though she loves doing all the girly things, she is always right there competing with her brothers in all the boy things too!!

Scott showed me this picture of Hyrum right after he took it, and I fell in love with it! Hyrum is one of my most competitive kids and wouldn't have missed trying out this new sport called 'sling shots' for the world. Unfortunatly he was one of the youngest ones to try it out, and the only eye protection they had was way to big for him. I just LOVE this picture of the goggles falling off his face.

Jarom is one determined and focused boy. When he puts his mind to something nothing will get in the way of him accomplishing his goal. This picture shows that side of him so well.

Cooper was right there with his brothers ready to try out the sling shot. His eyes were focused on the target and he was able to hit the tarp a number of times. I just LOVE LOVE seeing Cooper's determined expression!! After he was done Cooper came right up to me and gave me the biggest hug and told me he loved me. What a wonderful son!

{the Beauty and Barber Shop}
Since there were no curling irons or modern razors back in the day they set up a little station where the girls could get their hair tied up in rags and the boys could get a pretend shave with a straight edge. The kids all loved this booth!

{Washing Station}
I thought this area was so awesome. They had real irons that they heated up on the stove along with wash tubs, wash boards, and a clothes line. The kids got to wash the clothes by hand and also try out ironing the old fashion way. What a neat lesson they learned as they were able to see how difficult it was for the pioneers to wash their clothes!

{Dressing the Part}
If possible we were all asked to dress up as pioneers. I didn't have much as far as pioneer clothes went, but my aunt Joyce broght up extra costumes for those who wanted to dress the part of a pioneer. My boys enjoyed playing with the cowboy hats, and I was able to snap a few cute pictures of them.

Both of my oldest really got into the sewing area of the 'Pioneer Villiage.' Jarom surprisingly sat down and sewed on the old fashion peddle sewing machine for 10-15 minutes, and Megan enjoyed the learning how to quilt by hand. I was inspired to try and introduce them to more sewing projects in our homeschool this year. I am excited!!

{the Reward}
Everyone who attended the reunion got an amazing name tag and reunion passport. The passport outlined everything that was going on at the reunion which was AMAZING!! On the back of the passport was a checklist of all the 'Pioneer Village' booths.
When you visited a booth you got that booth marked off, and when you had visited a certain number of booths you were able to got to the 'Cash Store' and get a reward. Cooper was so pleased with his reward that I made sure I got a picture of his Whiting Yo-Yo!

{The Cow}
What 'Pioneer Village' would be complete with out a cow to milk?! The kids even talked Scott into drinking the farm fresh milk they just squeezed out of the cow. YUCK!

Yes we even had cow roping at our 'Pioneer Village.' I think after they tried to rope the pretend cow they appreciated how difficult roping really is!

{the Whip}
Oh and let's not forget learning how to use a whip. There is a story of Edwin Marion Whiting (the founder of the homestead) being able to save his wagon company from being destroyed by a heard of buffalo by using his whip to redirect the heard. So of course this was an important station at the village.
{the Race}
Its homestead reunion tradition to do a 3k run. Jarom has done it the last two reunions, and this year Cooper joined the competition. See for yourself Cooper was really being pushed.

{Candy Blast OFF}
Now this was a new tradition...we've never done this before. But I guess when you have a few pyrotechnics in the family who knows what they will blow up! Here is the explosion...isn't that cool how you can actually see the candy shooting out?!
All the kids running around trying to gather up as much candy as possible.

{the Hike}
Although hiking the mountain wasn't an official part of the reunion it is an unofficial part of visiting the homestead. I didn't attempt to climb to the top of Sierra Trigo since I just had a baby 5 weeks earlier (not to mention I'm in terrible shape right now). Scott and Jarom did though! And some of the pictures Scott took while up at the top of the mountain are amazing!

{Greens Peak}
We always like to visit Greens Peak at least once each summer. Its only a 15 minute drive from the homestead, and the road up the mountain is super fun with lots of bumps. The kids love it, but not as much as Scott enjoys driving it! So after the reunion was over we made a quick trip over to Greens Peak!

{Our Spot}
After we visited Greens Peak we stoped by a little spot nearby where we had carved our names in the trees last year. It was fun to see our trees again, and play on the giant rocks we found last year.

Getting ready to explore our secret rock garden!
Now we're ready to jump from rock to rock...AHHHH!
Jarom pretending to be scared to attempt to jump from rock to rock...
Cooper's first jump...WOO-HOO!Here comes Hyrum...
Finally Jarom's ready to jump...
Doesn't Jarom look like Spiderman in this picture?
{Mom and Dad}
Most of the time Mom or Dad are busy taking photos of the kids and behind the camera not in front of it...but somehow we did get a few of each of us during the reunion. So just to document the fact that yes we were there here are our token pictures. I think one of the kids took the pictures of Scott...if I remember correctly it was Megan.

Here Scott is doing his VERY happy face.
Oh and we always love Dad's signature 'monkey' face. The kids die laughing every time he doest this one.

Here I am just chilling on the porch of the Jay Whiting cabin with the kiddos.
After having a baby in June I wasn't sure I would be able to make it to the Reunion in August, and I am so glad that everything worked out and I was able to spend the weekend with my HUGE extended family and learn more about the wonderful people who homesteading this property 'the Whiting Homestead' that I love. I am blessed to be part of such an amazing heritage.

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Wow, amazing that your family puts something like that together... can we come next year and just pretend like we are part of the family? J/K I bet your kids LOVED it :-) I love that area!