Thursday, September 11, 2008

Riding Lessons

In October of 2007 Megan got her first taste of riding on the back of a horse. We were at a school camping trip and you could pay to go for a ride on a horse. Megan was ecstatic and even though it started pouring rain right in the middle of her horse ride she refused to dismount but continued the ride even though she was sopping wet (which is huge for Meg because she doesn't like getting her clothes wet).

Since then Meg has been asking non stop about horses. Her obsession never let up, and last spring after a trip to the library she brought home at least 20 books on horses. I figured the undying obsession would ware off, but it hasn't. During the Olympics we watched the horse jumping competition, and that finally convinced me she was serious enough to take it to the next level and actually sign her up for lessons.

I found an awesome instructor not far from our house and we've been taking lessons for a month now. Jarom is also taking lessons and seems to be enjoying it a lot too...but he needs to thank Megan for his good fortune. If it wasn't for her undying love for horses Jarom probably wouldn't be so lucky and wouldn't be talking horseback riding lessons.

On Labor Day Scott was able to take them to lessons and snapped a few photos. This was the first lesson that they were totally riding on their own without the lead rope hooked on the horse. They are learning how to steer the horse, proper riding techniques, and also how to care for the horse. They have to brush the horse, get the mud out of its horseshoes, put the bridle and saddle on, spray the horse down at the end, and everything else that has to happen to prepare and care for the horse. I love it, and think its great to learn about the work and effort that goes into caring for such an impressive animal.

The name of the horse that Megan and Jarom ride is 'Chewy.' Its so cute because Megan just loves talking about 'Chewy' and how much she loves her and loves riding her. I am so thankful that they can be taking riding lessons right now and get exposed to horses. I wish I had time to take riding lessons myself...maybe I will in a year or two. :)


Marium said...

How fun. Riding horses can be so rewarding if you have a passion for them. I have that same passion, it's a little harder to fulfill with little ones around but what a great hobby.

katie said...

That's really cool- when I was little I loved horses and always dreamed of taking lessons. Looks like fun

The Brown Family said...

what a fun thing for the kids to do! you guys are such great parents and always thinking of fun things for your kids to do!